Set Information

Welcome to Rathe: The First-Ever Booster Set for Flesh and Blood

After centuries of uneasy peace, the land of Rathe balances on the brink of war once again. Savage beasts emerge from the primordial jungle, clashing with noble warriors in increasingly violent skirmishes. A forgotten realm finds its ancient barriers eroding, exposing it to the greed of others, while a mystical land is faced with the history it once tried to bury, threatening to expose the secrets of their ancestors.

Welcome to Rathe introduces four heroes; Bravo, Showstopper, a flamboyant Guardian. Dorinthea Ironsong, a virtuous Warrior. Katsu, the Wanderer, a Ninja on a journey to discover himself and, Rhinar, Reckless Rampage, an apex predator Brute. Welcome to Rathe contains 226 cards with each booster pack containing 16 cards, including one premium foil, one rare, and one other either rare, super rare, or majestic.

In addition to the four iconic heroes, Welcome to Rathe features some of the most sought after and powerful cards in the game such as Enlightened Strike, Tome of Fyendal, and the fabled Heart of Fyendal. Legendary equipment is also waiting to be discovered including Mask of Momentum, Scabskin Leathers, Braveforge Bracers, Tectonic Plating, and Fyendal’s Spring Tunic. Each of the four heroes’ signature Specialization cards such as Crippling Crush, Lord of Wind, Steelblade Supremacy, and Alpha Rampage highlight the heroes’ style and character.

The New Classic - 100% Great Games

The Classic Constructed format is the quintessential Flesh and Blood experience. Players choose a hero, then construct an 80-card deck made up of powerful signature moves, class, and generic cards, then compete against each other in fast-paced, 1v1 combat. Classic Constructed is full-powered Flesh and Blood where the adult heroes take center stage. A typical game of Classic Constructed is a battle of endurance, lasting 30-50 minutes.

Welcome to Rathe features a range of mechanics and keywords including Battleworn

equipment that wears down after each time they are used to defend. Bladebreak equipment that is fragile and break after being used to defend. Combo, a Ninja mechanic that showcases the power of playing multiple attacks in a perfect sequence. Crush, a Guardian mechanic that showcases the strength of the Guardian. Dominate cards cannot be defended with more than one card from the defending hero’s hand. Go again allows multiple actions to be played in a turn, rather than the usual single action. Intimidate is a Brute mechanic that removes a random card from a hero's hand making it more difficult to defend. Reprise, a Warrior mechanic that showcases the prowess a Warrior has when they are engaged in close combat.

Joining Rathe

Welcome to Rathe, the first-ever booster set for Flesh and Blood, released in Local Game Stores across the USA, Australia, and New Zealand on 11 October 2019. WTR is available for purchase in 24 pack booster boxes, booster box cases, and as individual packs designed for booster draft, sealed deck, and constructed play. WTR is currently out of print. MSRP: 3.99 €.