Cardmarket Maintenance Report for 16.03.2022

16.03.2022 19:50

Cardmarket Maintenance Report for 16.03.2022

Hello Cardmarket users,

Our first scheduled maintenance has finished, albeit a bit later than expected. Unfortunately, we discovered some pretty substantial issues during the maintenance period that required immediate attention. We've fixed them now and restored the website to the 08:00 CET snapshot we captured.

Most users can probably just continue operating normally. However, any users who used the website between 10:00 and 12:00, during the brief window it was online, will find that some of their actions from that period have been erased. More specifically, stock management changes, status changes to shipments, or other related Cardmarket operations will need to be redone. We will still process any payments made during that time, but it may take some time to process every payment made during that window.

Lastly, any emails sent automatically by our system this morning should be disregarded.

Thanks for your continued support and happy shopping!

Your Cardmarket Team