Set Information

The Hidden Story of Alice in Alice Origin

A new season means new Force of Will expansions! Alice Origin serves as a soft reset for the Force of Will storyline and a new set for its trading card game counterpart comes with it. As the name suggests, this new cluster digs into one of Force of Will's most iconic protagonists - Alice. It deals with old friends and enemies along with some new ones. And, of course, it has some more Alice leaders for the Force of Will trading card game. Alice Origin releases on 22 November 2019, signaling a new start for the storied card game.

Memories and Strangers

Alice Origin offers a mix between a new gameplay and old staples that are a huge part of Force of Will's history. Of course, as a new cluster, there are new mechanics and Rulers. One new archetype is the new Stranger deck, which allows players to add Stranger Resonators to their hand during the game through specific Rulers. Lenneth, The Priestess of Vell-Savaria, as an example, allows players to add and summon one Stranger from the Stranger deck at the cost of 2 Will.

Additionally, for the callback, Force of Will is getting the new Memorial cards, which are a selection of 80 iconic cards that you'll be able to get, though they are NOT playable in the New Frontiers format - they're meant primarily for collectors! There is a selection of 80 Memorial cards from previous sets and there will be one Memorial card in each booster pack.

Contents and Availability of the New Force of Will Set

The Alice Origin expansion contains 147 different cards, divided into 29 commons, 19 rares, 19 super rares and 80 memorial cards. There will be one Memorial card in each back, so you'll still have a good distribution of normal cards to pull from packs.

Each booster pack will contain ten cards (with one foil) and each booster box will contain 20 packs, as well as a bonus box containing Sealed format rules, basic Magic Stones, and promo cards. As with all the Force of Will sets, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of the booster pack is 4,00 €.