Set Information

The Rise of Valentina and Pricia

A new chapter of Alice Origin hits shelves on 21 February 2020, aptly named Alice Origin II. More details on Alice's past are revealed, like the first time she met the two other protagonists: Pricia and Valentina. More importantly, Alice Origin II lays out Valentina's journey into iconic villain. And in addition to the main story, we also learn about legends like Loki and Barust, who are reintroduced in this set.

Here Be Demons, Wizards, and Gods

Alice Origin II adds a host of old faces with new cards. There are some familiar additions to the new Stranger race through cards like Barust, the Machine God of Conflagration and the Blue Wizard (Stranger). The addition of the Blue Wizard (Stranger) offers a powerful cancel, which targets any automatic ability. Barust, the Machine God of Conflagration, on the other hand, offers some very aggressive burst damage, as he gives your attacking Resonators extra 200 ATK in addition to his ability to give them [Swiftness] or [Pierce] at the cost of only 1 Will.

In addition to the Stranger improvements, Alice Origin II also adds the new Ruler, Machina. This card fits perfectly into decks that utilize cards named "Marybell Type Zero" due to how well it plays into the buffs that both it and Marybell, Type Zero get.

The last card to discuss here is the powerful new Resonator Loki, the Ancient Demon Lord (Stranger). This card will have a major impact on the metagame as it serves as an efficient way to clear up the field thanks to his [Flying] and [Enter] abilities. The fact that it costs 1 Will less to play for each Resonator on the field makes it even better as a board wiper.

What You Get in Alice Origin II

The set contains 127 different cards split up into 26 Commons, 19 Rares, 19 Super Rares and 63 Memorial Cards. Memorial cards are reprints from previous Force of Will expansions.

One booster pack contains 10 cards (with one foil) and one booster box contains 20 packs, as well as a bonus box containing Sealed format rules, basic stones, and promo cards. As with all the Force of Will sets, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of each booster pack is 4,00 €.