Set Information

Old Memories with Old Friends

As we move later in the year 2020, the story of Alice Origins comes to an end. With the release of Alice Origin III in 22 May 2020, we finally get to see many old friends such as Reflect, the Fire/Water Ruler, Rezzard, the Wind/Darkness Ruler, and Arla, the Light/Wind Ruler. In this third Alice chapter, we also discover the origins of the seven kings and their role in the history of Alice, as well as how they became the powerful rulers that we all know from previous sets.

The set contains 92 different cards divided into 52 commons, 22 rares, and18 super rares. Each booster pack contains ten cards (including one foil) and a booster box contains 20 booster packs, as well as a bonus box containing Sealed format rules, basic stones, and promo cards.

The Seven Kings Are Back in Alice Origin III

With the introduction of the new Seven Kings Rulers, the metagame ends up changing quite a lot thanks to their powerful mechanics and their Regalia. Thanks to Arla, we finally get the possibility to give our Resonators [Flying] and a bonus of +200/+200 whenever we play a Regalia on the field or whenever we draw a card for every flying Resonator on our field instead.

If you are looking for a Ruler that relies on fast strategies, Reflect will be perfect for you. Thanks to its effect, you get the possibility to produce one Fire Will, deal 600 damage to a J/Resonator of your opponent, or destroy a damaged Resonator whenever you play a Fire Regalia.

These two Rulers will probably have the most impact on the next meta as their effects are immensely powerful and thanks to the incoming strong supports from this expansion. Furthermore, two new mechanics are introduced – [Calmness] and [Passion] – for a more flavorful gameplay.

As with all the Force of Will sets, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of one booster pack is 4,00 €.