Set Information

The Newest Force of Will Expansion Introduces a New Chapter

Awakening of the Ancients is the third set of New Valhalla Cluster that will lead us even more into Force of Will’s origins with a fresh new look. The set will feature 100 unique cards and each booster pack will contain ten cards with a guaranteed Rare or Super Rare! The pack will also feature well-known Resonators from previous sets, such as Nyarlathotep, Oborozuki, and Rikyu, as well as old cards reprinted with unique altered artworks.

Awakening of the Ancients will not be the last set of the New Valhalla Cluster as the fourth and last expansion will be released much later this year. However, to empower the cards that you will find in this expansion, it is best to combine these with the structure decks from the same cluster (released last 2018). Check back in early April 2019 for the full expansion breakdown.