Set Information

The Return of the Ancients

The ancients are waking up and they are going to shake up things in New Valhalla. The return of Alice has brought about huge changes and the guardians are aware that something big is about to happen to their world. As previously seen in the last expansion, The Strangers of New Valhalla, Atom Seikhart was not particularly happy to see Alice return. Now, the ancients are reawakening, causing our heroes to feel trepidation that they must be prepared… but for what? What will happen? What destiny awaits our heroes?

Legendary Characters and Powerful Upgrades

The very first cards ever printed in Force of Will see a comeback in Awakening of the Ancients. Expect well-known names like Kukunochi, the Shikigami and Garmheld, Half of Godcards that were previously Rulers are returning as Resonators.

As previously announced by Force of Will Co., Ltd., new expansions will no longer include Rulers, but will have one Master Rune for each Ruler in every set instead and Awakening of the Ancients introduces just that. The gameplay will definitely shift to a different direction with the introduction of these new cards (as we have already seen in the previous expansions). Atom Seikhart's new Master Rune, Traveler in the Sea of Clouds, is a 2 Divinity that allows us to summon three Resonators on their field for different costs. This card will give space for new decks and strategies to develop around a new "ancient gods" archetype, which will be decks based on Resonators with very powerful abilities.

What You Get in Awakening of the Ancients

The set contains 100 different cards made up of ten Super Rares, 20 Rares, 30 Uncommons, and 40 Commons. The number of Secret Rares is yet to be disclosed. Each booster pack contains ten cards with one foil, while a booster box contains 36 booster packs, two copies each of three Sealed format Rulesrs, six copies of each basic Magic Stone, and of course a promo card. The expansion also supports Draft formats. As with all the Force of Will sets, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) per booster pack is 4,00 €. Enjoy the continuation of the New Valhalla Cluster!