Set Information

The Return to Valhalla

Welcome back to Valhalla! After the battle with Dark Kaguya came to an end and the threat of universal apocalypse was resolved, the world's history has been rewritten, and no one can yet fully grasp which changes the rampage of Kaguya has caused in the river of time. However, one change becomes immediately visible for our heroes: A messenger from the once-destroyed Valhalla appears in front of them and invites them to the Land of Gods.

What is new about the (New) Valhalla cluster compared to earlier blocks is that ten different rulers (each of them representing one of the ten clans that make up Valhalla) will be available for purchase right from the start. The different expansions of the block will contain many supporting cards for those leaders, but not new rulers. It can thus be assumed that the story of the New Valhalla cluster will exclusively be built around those individuals. The rulers themselves are pretty interesting, as each of them has a synergy with the tribal and thematic members of their respective sections. But the really big new thing in this set are the so-called "Runes", which is a new type of card that can only be used by the leaders of Valhalla and only once per game. We haven't seen any of these Runes yet, so the excitement for the release of the first set is huge, especially since the World Championships 2018 will be played solely with those ten rulers. Plus, we might see epic showdowns such as Machine-Knights vs. Ninja-Cats during the fight for the World Champion title! 

Valhalla is definitely predicted to become an incredibly epic block, and if you want to find out more about New Dawn Rises then check back around mid-August 2018 for our detailed analysis of the expansion.