Set Information

New Dawn Rises Returns to Valhalla

In the newest set New Dawn Rises, we travel back to Force of Will origins and are reintroduced to the legendary world of Valhalla. As many players have already recognized, this new set revisits the old characters that made up the history of Force of Will, mixed with new encounters, creating a brand-new chapter of the saga: Ten factions fight to unify their world, fronted by their gods. After the destruction of their world, the gods fell into a deep sleep leaving the war for a "new" Valhalla unfinished.

New Dawn Rises is the first expansion of the newest Force of Will cluster. This set contains many supports for the ten Rulers coming from ten new decks representing the ten gods of the story. Two Rulers for each color are being released although independent from the booster packs. The power level between colors has finally been rebalanced and new keywords are introduced into the metagame. [Bane] will give Resonators the ability to destroy every card damaged by it – even Rulers; [Eternal] will protect Resonators, preventing their destruction during the player's turn; Foresee lets you look at the top cards of your deck; [Rune] is a special continuous ability dependent on the cards in your Hand.

The booster set also includes support for the starter decks and for different races, such as Angels, Beasts, Cats, Demons, Knights, and many other inhabitants of the New Valhalla. Lastly, new and old names are introduced in the different factions, such as Lancelot, the Glass Knight, Belial, the Evil from the Scriptures, and Karura, the Crow Tengu.

A Quick Look at Gameplay

With the introduction of new Rulers, the actual metagame is going to change a lot. According to many professional players, the new cards called Runes are going to heavily impact the meta as you start the game with the five cards from your Main Deck. Due to the power of these new cards, you will be restricted to a maximum of ten Divinity per game. Furthermore, you can use every Rune only once per duel, unless your Ruler is Hanzo, Chief of the Kouga who will let you use one of your Runes again. Don't despair, however, as one Rune can already prove to be very powerful: Scalding Breath deals 700 damage to your opponent; In a Single Stroke deals 800 damage to your opponent; and Craving deals -1000 life to your opponent while you gain +1000 life.

With Runes and ten new Rulers (from the five new New Valhalla starter decks), the game feels totally refreshed and ready to welcome new players into the game because all keywords are better explained and well distributed throughout the colors. Two different playstyles for every color are available, so you can mix and match strategies, which can be updated with the future sets because they will follow the same guidelines. This new cluster gives players the possibility to change strategies through the year and lets you keep playing your favorite Rulers as they adapt to aggressive or control strategies.

Contents and Availability

New Dawn Rises contains 110 different cards divided into ten Super Rares, 25 Rares, 35 Uncommons, 40 Commons, and three Secret Rares. One booster pack contains ten cards (with one foil) and one booster box contains 36 packs, as well as a bonus box containing Sealed format Rulers, basic Magic Stones, and promo cards. It's manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) is 4,00 €.