Name of Set: Starter Deck: The Lost Tomes
Block: Reiya Cluster
Number of Cards: 51
Release Date: March 9, 2018
Languages Available: English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish

Set Information

The Lost Tomes Completes the Reiya Cluster Starter Deck Set

Force of Will has released starter decks with each of their clusters and the Reiya Cluster is no exception. We've had a starter deck for every color so far, and now they are closing out their starter deck series here with a void starter deck with Gil Alhama'at as its ruler. Several popular Force of Will Characters also appear in the set like Alisaris. Each starter deck comes with 32 resonators, 8 chants, 5 special magic stones, and 5 basic magic stones. It also looks like the deck will be utilize all five basic stone types, with each type appearing on different cards in the set. But, the real question isn't how many resonators are in the deck, but rather what kind of resonators, chants, and other cards you'll be getting.

Alisaris and One Powerful Slave Girl

 The Lost Tomes is meant as a beginner deck for players new to the game, but that doesn't mean there aren't any treats for long-time fans. Alisaris was an interested J/Ruler in the Alice cluster, and he's back in this starter deck as a resonator – Chrono Researcher, Alisaris. With a cost of two and one fire, he removes the top card of your deck from the game and can play any cards that were removed by Chrono Reasearcher, Alisaris. In addition, he gives your J-ruler swiftness. Giving your J/ruler new keywords is always nice and the pseudo-card advantage he generates will alleviate his higher cost. Either way, Alisaris is an interesting character with an extensive history. The more interesting red card, mechanically at least, in this set is Sylvia, the Slave Girl. She costs only one fire energy but starts with a dismal 400/400 attack. If she gets +100/+100 counters, however, she gains Flying, Swiftness, Precision, and Pierce, giving her a bevy of powerful keywords to play with. In addition, for a whopping seven energy, she can "awaken," dealing 2000 damage to each J/resonator your opponent controls (almost certainly wiping their field) and getting 16 +100/+100 counters!! If she awakens she almost instantly wins the game, because a 2000/2000 with all those keywords that wipes your opponents board is definitely scoop territory. Now obviously, activating a seven-energy effect is not easy and something that won't happen that often, but boy does she pay off when it does.

Roman Gods for Every Occasion

In addition to cool flavor and powerful one-drops, this starter deck offers a cycle of cards based off of the Roman gods. Saturneus, Enchanter of the Earth Star and Jupiter, Warlock of the Wood Star are two such examples. Jupiter, a wind resonator, is a riff on Magic: The Gathering staple Cryptic Command, giving two of four effects, canceling a chant, returning a resonator, recovering a resonator, or drawing a card when played. It costs five instead of four but is definitely a treat for those players who migrated from Magic or play both Force of Will and Magic: The Gathering. Whatever your fancy, this starter deck is packed full of goodies and has treats for new and old players alike!