Set Information

The Magic Stone War – Zero Starts Again from Zero

The Magic Stone War – Zero, released on 26 February 2021, brings old classics back to the Force of Will metagame. The set features the six sages of the past series, who appear as rules, while also bringing back Cthulhu, who was last seen in the Grimm Cluster. The set contains 46 Normal cards, 26 Rares, 18 Super Rares, 5 Marvel Rares, and 7 J-Rulers.

The Six Sages Make Their Reappearance As J-Rulers

Grusbaleta returns as the Darkness Six Sage. Like all of the six sages, Gusbalesta has the "Six Sages" tag, which allows you to have two different rulers instead of just one. Grusbaleta also allows you to recycle your Magic Stones, banishing one from the field to place the top card of your Magic Stone deck onto the field rested.

Fiethsing represents Wind. Along with the above Six Sages tag, Fiethsing also lets you mulligan more than once! This means you can much more easily curate your hand, and because you can pair her with other J-Rulers, you don't even lose that much by playing her. She also lets you judgment your J-Rulers at "Quickcast" speed. Lastly, Fiethsing can rest for one, but can only spend this to play chants.

Moojdart represents Water. Like all the others, Moojdart has the six sages ability. Unlike the others, Moojdart allows you to start with an extra card in hand, and permanently increases your maximum hand size by one. She also draws you a card every time you judgment a ruler. She finally allows you to cycle a card by resting.

Milest plays for team Fire. At the beginning of the main phase on your first turn, Milest will produce an additional fire. The synergy with the above Moojdart should be obvious, giving you the fuel to play the additional card you draw. Milest also gives J-Rulers swiftness and finally can deal 200 damage to a player or J/resonator by resting.

Finally, Zero, Apprentice Sage represents the light. Zero comes with an extremely cheap Judgment cost at one light but cannot judgment unless your other ruler is astral. At the beginning of the game, Zero puts four +100/+100 counters on each ruler you control. Lastly, Zero has Barrier and can put two +100/+100 counters on itself by resting.

The Magic Stone War – Zero brings partnered J-Rulers to the game, along with a whole host of other features. We can't talk about everything here, so be sure to check out our singles for more information and check out these exciting new partners!