Name of Set: The Time Spinning Witch
Block: Reiya Cluster
Number of Cards: 165
Release Date: March 9, 2018
Languages Available: English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish

Set Information

The Time Spinning Witch Arrives with Even More Cancels

The Time Spinning Witch, Force of Will's 17th English expansion, hit shelves on the 9th of March 2018. The expansion contains 165 cards, including basic rulers and magic strones. Each booster box contains 36 booster packs and each pack contains 10 cards. Unlike previous sets, basic magic stones can no longer be found in booster packs. Instead, 30 basic stones are placed in a separate pack that comes with every box. The Reiya cluster focuses on draft play and, as such, each booster box will also come with five separate basic J/rulers, which cannot be found in packs and are intended as "draft" rulers. The set also introduces the Doll and Inverse races and introduces four new keywords: Drain, Grimoire, Legend, and Null. As with any new set, there are new J/rulers to talk about, and boy do we have some interesting ones in the Time Spinning Witch expansion.

A Fleeting Princess and Eternal Speaker

Any new expansion comes with new J/rulers to build around, and the Time Spinning Witch is no exception. While there are numerous new rulers to choose from, the two we're talking about here look the most exciting. The first, named Princess of Fleeting Hope, is fairly mediocre in her ruler form, offering a zero cost recover once per turn. Once a player flips her, however, things get scary fast. When she enters the battlefield, the player looks at the top three cards of your library and puts any one non-chant card onto the battlefield and then inverts it, provided the card can be inverted. This means the J/ruler can play any permanent, regardless of its cost and also invert that card, which often requires activating a difficult trigger. The second noteworthy ruler in the set, Speaker of Eternal Night, has her own extra deck, which players can use to set up her J/ruler side, Scheherazade of the Catastrophic Nights. The ability to affect the board state without using up your hand cards, while also serving as finisher, makes Scheherazade a fearsome competitor and possibly a powerful control J/ruler. But rulers do not make up decks by themselves, so what notable cards are players getting in Time Spinning Witch boxes.

A Cheap, Recurrable Cancel — Just What Force of Will Needed

There are of course, numerous interesting new cards in Time Spinning Witch, from the buy a box promo, Alice's World of Madness, to Soul Concentration, a powerful support card for mystery counter decks. But, one of the most powerful, and potentially most frustrating cards is Laurite, Seven Luminaries Astrologian: a one wind mana quickcast resonator that cancel's target activated or auto ability when it enters the battlefield. And, in addition, you can remove three spirit magics from your grave to return it from the grave to your hand. So, basically, it's a cheap recurring blocker that cancels your opponent's effects. Pretty spectacular, no? Anyways, regardless of which cards you like (or dislike), this set looks like it will significantly expand the New Frontiers metagame in Force of Will and is a must-have for any interested Force of Will players. So, sleeve up those cancels and get ready for a control-heavy metagame!

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