Name of Set: Winds of the Ominous Moon
Block: Reiya Cluster
Number of Cards: 130
Release Date: June 8, 2018
Languages Available: English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish

Set Information

The Identity of the Time-Spinning Witch Is Revealed!

The identity of the Time-Spinning Witch has finally been revealed in Force of Will's latest expansion. The all-powerful monster threatening to destroy the universe, the shadow heralding mayhem during the past three editions is none other than our little Kaguya. Following the events of the Final Battle and the death of her caretaker Fiethsing at the hands of Gill Alhamaat, she has become consumed by grief and sorrow. After awakening to her full powers through her emotional chaos and by reuniting with Flute, Kaguya’s emotions and Time magic started to fuse, turning her into an embodiment of sorrow without rationality or reason.

They say with great power comes great responsibility; Kaguya, a dangerous nexus between a child’s mind and the powers of a goddess, was not able to handle this responsibility. She originally travelled back to the past to kill Gill Alhamaat thus, preventing the death of her family. Instead, she loses her self-control and starts distorting time by her mere presence, altering the course of history, and provoking the collapse of all realities into a single moment. After the fall of Gill Lapis, who threatened to destroy entire planets, the Warriors of Hope are now faced with an even stronger Champion of Despair, threatening to destroy existence altogether.

Will our heroes be able to stop the apocalypse? Will Gill be able to overcome his own ambitions that will eventually turn him into a noble yet cruel emperor? When all hope seems lost, two familiar characters appear, seemingly destined to bring balance to the world in whatever timeline they find themselves in: Zero and Fiethsing, the two adoptive parents of Kaguya. Will this breeze sway their daughter’s heart and teach her compassion and acceptance, or will Kaguya choose denial and destruction in the end?

What's New in Winds of the Ominous Moon

Every new set brings with it new rulers and new mechanics with the latter usually associated with specific rulers. Apart from support for prior themes in the Reiya cluster (such as Pandas, Elementals, Dragonoids, Mermaids, Dark Elves, Elves, and even Fairies), the fourth edition of the cluster introduces two fully new mechanics: Time Will and Aura.

Time Will is the new type of Will that complements the classic element-based Will types. As with other Will types, there are a few cards that can produce Time Will (both stones and ramp cards) and subsequently use it. Cards with Time Will show a general limitation: They can only be used for Activated Abilities, Awakening costs of spells, or Mobilize costs of a Resonator. Most cards with Time Will have something to do with delaying your opponent’s game, such as freezing their stones or returning cards to their hands. Staying true to color identity, Time Will is associated with blue cards. Magic Stone of Time produces either Time or Water will, depending on the special magic stone needed.

The second new mechanic is a subtype for Chants. Similar to how Resonators belong to different tribes, some Chants belong to Aura magic. While Aura Chant alone does nothing, there are a number of cards that take advantage of Aura cards in the graveyard, mostly by exiling them. Aura also has its own magic stone: Ethereal Wind Magic Stone can only produce green Will, but it can also be sacrificed for its Activated Ability to take an Aura from the removed area back to your hand. Given that Auras have to be removed from the graveyard most of the time, this allows for the recycling of Aura Chants.

Introducing Three New Rulers

Winds of the Ominous Moon introduces three new rulers. Two of which are linked to the new mechanics, completed by Reiya, Fourth Daughter of the Mikage and the reveal of her last sealed ability. Her last sealed ability is a bit of a let-down compared to what other Starter Deck rulers received. When Reiya comes into play, you may look at your opponent’s hand and forbid him from playing one of his cards until the end of the next turn. This not only doesn’t have synergy with her mystery Counter mechanic but is also a very weak ability that doesn’t fit into Reiya’s overall discard ability.

The next new ruler is the Goddess of Time and the nemesis of the Reiya cluster – The Time Spinning Witch. As with the other Time Will cards, TSW produces one Time Will for free each turn on the ruler side. This also makes insane Time Will cards like The Distortion of Time and The Dragon Lord’s Breath cheaper and less dependent on drawing Magic Stone of Time. TSW also possesses a rather niche ability, namely turning into a Colossal Ruler akin to what Gill Alhamaat was able to do. Her Second Judgment can only be used if you control ten magic stones, and it brings Unbound Princess of Time, Kaguya to your side, which resets the game. After restarting the game, however, your new ruler now produces one Will of any attribute or lets you draw a card at the beginning of the main phase.

The third new ruler is Ciel, Ancestor of the Priestess and works with Auras. Ciel is a Wind ruler that can Judgment for one Wind Will into her J-ruler form, Phantom Wind Fiethsing. She also lets you attach one Aura card from your graveyard in every turn. The number of Aura cards attached to her greatly matter, since you may choose one of six Abilities to trigger for each Aura attached to her. Notably, the abilities must be resolved in order from top to bottom and you cannot choose the same ability twice.