Card Scanner Beta

Development Update
15.04.2020 00:00

Card Scanner Beta

We’re happy to announce the launch of Cardmarket’s own mobile card scanner. With this, you’ll be able to scan your cards and sell Currently, the feature is in Beta and must be accessed at the link below. We’re giving our users access now so we can test the feature and gather card data to further develop the detection algorithms before we fully incorporate the feature into the website.

How to Use the Card Scanner Beta

1) Go to .../Magic/Card-Scanner – This site can be accessed while logged in or out.

2) You can upload an image or take one with the camera on your mobile phone, but your browser must have access to the camera in order to use it. Here are some rules to getting a good image:

  • Your camera should be in portrait mode and put your card upright. Avoid rotating the camera.
  • The background must have a strong contrast to the card's border. Use white or light grey backgrounds for black border cards and black or dark grey backgrounds for white border cards.
  • You should avoid patterned backgrounds entirely.
  • The card must be fully visible and the background should have at least the same width as the card's border.
  • Try to limit the total size of the image. It cannot be larger than 10 MB.
  • The available image formats are JPG and PNG.

3) After the image is uploaded, you can / should confirm if the card was detected correctly or not. This step is only here as long as we stay in beta, so we can collect data to improve the detection algorithms.

  • If you confirm the card was not detected correctly, you'll be sent to the initial page.
  • If you confirm the card was detected correctly, you'll go to the respective product page.
  • If you confirm the card was detected correctly AND you're logged-in AND you're an activated seller, you go to the respective product page with the Sell tab active.