Cardmarket Easter Eggs Have Arrived!

Cardmarket Easter Eggs Have Arrived!

2020-04-09 14:20:37

Cardmarket has found its Easter spirit and wants to spread cheer, as opposed to... other things. To that end, we are running an Easter egg hunt, starting today, and lasting until 13.04.2020. To participate, all you need to do is find your Easter egg on Cardmarket!

Contest Rules

  1. All logged-in Cardmarket users will, on each game's website, have an Easter egg image (literally of an Easter egg) placed somewhere on Cardmarket. You can find your egg in any of the following locations:

    1. Expansion, Singles, Products, and Trends pages posted from 2019 onward.

    2. Spoiler pages

    3. Most pages accessible from the footer (which you can find here)

  2. There will be one egg located somewhere on the above pages PER game, but you can only redeem ONE egg – the others will be removed as soon as you redeem the first.

  3. When a user redeems their egg, 3,00 € in Cardmarket bonus credit will be deposited into their account.

And that’s it! So, go forth and find your egg! Best of luck to all our users and a sincere Happy Easter from all of us at Cardmarket.

Your Cardmarket Team