Packaging Made Easy

Packing orders for shipment can be a stressful affair. This guide will tell you exactly what you need to do to ensure safe, easy packaging for all your Cardmarket orders.

Cardmarket's Easy Packaging Steps

Find an Envelope or Parcel

We recommend that you use a windowless envelope or cardboard parcel for this (We do not recommend using bubble envelopes. You can see why here.)

Picture of Envelope
It's better if your chosen parcel is fitted to the cards in question and fits nicely into a mailbox, or doesn't fit into a mailbox at all.

Sleeve Your Cards

Place the cards for your order into sleeves. For expensive cards, we reccommend using both a perfect fit and tournament sleeve, but it's not required to use both. Regular tournament sleeves can fit up to two cards, while penny sleeves can hold up to four cards. You can consult the video above for more details on sleeving reccomendations.

Picture of cards going to a sleeve

(Optional) Put Your Card into a Top Loader

Place your sleeved card into a Top Loader. Keep in mind that regular top loaders will only safely fit one sleeved card.

Picture of sleeved card going into a Top Loader

Seal the Sleeve (or Top Loader)

Seal your sleeve or top loader with tape, putting a slip of paper on top of the sleeve / top loader to prevent the tape from touching the cards.

Picture of sealed sleeves
Picture of sealed top loader

Place on a Postcard or Piece of Cardboard

Find a postcard or piece of cardboard (it's best if the material is fitted to the size of your envelope or parcel). Place the sleeved card(s) or top loader(s) on the fitted postcard or cardboard and secure them with tape so they cannot move.

Picture of cards fastened to cardboard

Cover the Cards

Place another postcard on top of the exposed cards and secure it with tape. If using another postcard is impossible or puts your package over the weight limit for your desired shipping method, then you can use a cheap card(s) on top of the exposed card (provided your sleeve has room).

Picture of postcard going over cards
Picture of using cheap cards to cover the shipped cards

Place the Order in Your Parcel

Put your (fitted) postcard or cardboard into the envelope. If you're using a large parcel, like a cardboard box, please secure your cards with packaging material to ensure that the cards are safe from damage during transport (you could even put the cards into an envelope first before placing them into the larger parcel for extra protection).

Picture of cards going into the envelope