Athreos, Shroud-Veiled

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Revenge(2020-01-16 09:45)

At first glance Athreos, Shroud Veiled isn´t as powerful as Nexus of fate or Kenrith, but his power depends on the decks to be build around the graveyard/ enchantment spells of TBD. If you can combine Athreos with manaramp, like in an Abzan variant, you will have an indestructible permanent giving you creatures of the opponent turn after turn, or protect your essential creatures which are more weak to removal than Athreos. So you can save your own big creeper(even an activated Gideon should be possible) with a coin counter. Ideal for a slower Esper control deck, play Athreos, activate his ability and play next turn an mass removal like Planar Cleansing, or just exile a permanent with Despark, Deputy of Detention, Banishing Light, or punish the opponent most with Ashiok´s Erasure(he can´t play his creature, while you have it, and he won´t get it back even if he removes the enchantment) and so on... . Seems to be fun, but if he will see competetive play, let´s wait which decks will come... .