Dragonlord Ojutai

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Oreos62(26.02.2017 18:23)

is this good enough to be a main finisher in UW control modern decks?

MetalF(03.08.2015 10:32)

Esper Dragons didn't do well last tournaments. PT Origins Top 8 featured 0 Ojutai.

DrakkarHeart(15.05.2015 18:52)

This guy is ridicoulously overpowered and will be a stample for as long as it is in standard and probably modern aswell.

thechrom(12.05.2015 23:06)

Too much hype on this card! Expect this to stabilize soon before the large decrease.

PlanarGate(09.05.2015 18:54)

The card is very good but I think that there are better in this set. It started to rise after the GP but I think it will be going down. People went crazy about it after several esper decks finished on top. Similar case as with Atarka imho.

LeePerry(09.05.2015 10:45)

@ Catchimba: I believe that in Europe, foreign language foils only fetch a higher price than a normal version if the language is some asian variety (korean, chinese, japanese) or russian.

The attraction to foreign cards comes mainly from them having an exotic feel. With all its different languages, for most people in the European Union, Spanish, Italian, French, German, don't feel exotic at all. While they might fetch a higher price in the US, in the EU they will never be in a much higher demand then the regular version.

Wilecoyotegb(08.05.2015 11:43)

I like the Spanish version Senor Ojutai sounds much more fun.

Catchimba(08.05.2015 07:36)

This was one of the best spec. targets for those that invested early. It gained almost 500% in value and still is undervalued comparing with the American market, where it is worth around 35$. I wonder the importance of the language players give on this card -> how come the promotional foil in foreign language is almost the same price as the normal one!?!?!

ThronesOfGod(07.05.2015 22:48)

Works fine in every UW/Esper Control. I play myself one piece in MB, and it is enough.

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