Dryad of the Ilysian Grove

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Indie-Jones(2020-01-25 13:18)

Dryad of the ilysian grove, also known as the "odd lookin nippledryad".

para04(2020-01-21 19:16)

I like the card, its a mix of good Body and nice abilitys. Very good addition to Azusa Commander and Woodland Belower in Mono Green, but also in Multicolor, that dont runs blue and cant fetch for Manaartifacts like the Chromatic Lantern.

JanM123(2020-01-21 14:29)

First, "Exploration" and "Oracle of Mul Daya" are (still) way more expansive, so a lot of players will happy about that card. Second, the potential of the second ability seems huge but not yet explored. I think this card will go only up in price for what it can do in the eternal formats.

joven(2020-01-18 03:48)

So, a 3 mana "Exploration" and "Prismatic Omen" on the body of "Courser of Kruphix".
I'd say good but not as good as "Exploration" or "Oracle of Mul Daya", so probably won't see that much play outside of Standard.
The "Exploration" ability is much better at 1 mana. And the mana fixing ability is mostly interesting for 4 or 5 color decks where "Chromatic Lantern" is just the better card most of the time. And if you don't need the mana fixing, there is also "Wayward Swordtooth" as an alternative.

The artwork could have been nicer (than this odd guy with a grumpy look).

Smurf800(2020-01-17 23:42)

Strange no one has set a comment so far.
This card is totaly bananas imho at least for Commander and partly Modern(scapeshift which will loooove this card).
Its Exploration and Prismatic Omen in one Card on a 2/4 Stick.
I think it might get down to 3€+ but over time it will get up again. And in 1-2 Years it will be a power bank that might cost 10€+. Because never forget: Its an echantment Creature, which will make its reprint very difficult and very rare.

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