Emrakul, the Promised End

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Radip(09.01.2017 21:13)

Goodbye Emrakul, you were the scourge of T2. Everyone's better without you around.

redfireant(09.08.2016 22:57)

ok emrakul ... nice card and late game cheaper to cast "wich can be a potential win . but if you cast it you want a win ... it's stil a 7 cost to cast in optimal conditions hasn't got haste and doesn't redeem from topdeckmadness !

Robin89(22.06.2016 09:39)

You can't make your opponent concede, and the opponent can choose to concede at any time even though you are in control of all game related actions.
Magic comprehensive rules 712.6

Ocrana(20.06.2016 22:14)

Emrakul in combination with Stranglehold for an effect with No drawback

Iantor(20.06.2016 19:19)

So it lets you make them concede the game. It would be such a fun combo with jace architect of thought lol

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