Gideon, Ally of Zendikar

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Opiumtest5(19.10.2015 11:48)

In B/W tokens the emblem is the most interesting in addition to being able to make 2/2 guys. An anthem effect that can't be dealt with is really strong even in modern. It might not compare to Elspeth Knigth Errant in strength but why not play both? Besides that being a target for removal is only better. That means the card really is that threatening for the opponent, which tells me it's definitely modern playable.

Natural-Order(19.10.2015 11:46)

Gideon doesnt have to go plus, to make ulti, he can also protect himself and summons better creatures than elspeth. Its a strong planeswalker.

Manuel94(01.10.2015 02:54)

actually not even close to the power of elspeth in modern and standard ... elspeth can plus and protect itself while gideon is a 0 ... gideon can be exiled with abzan charm by going plus or path etc... while elspeth plus 1 is just pure aggro 3+ 3+ and fly is much better! finnaly then elspeth ultimate is much better then gideons, just cause a pro player said it dont copy it ... the esper master also said narset was better then Jace, the Mind Sculptor!

House-of-Games(28.09.2015 21:21)

format defining card. the only mythic in this set that worth it's money and will see a lot of play in control decks as finisher, in aggro as token producer, indestructible anthem or threat, and a great mid range option

Warrentame(12.09.2015 11:14)

be good in commander. looks very good. +1 look good 0 look very good -4 looks ok

Neonar(02.09.2015 13:48)

Stronger than Elspeth Knight Errant. Could see play even in modern BW tokens.

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