Goblin Rabblemaster

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joaogulaius(2015-05-07 22:32)

great card for standart mono red, i play 2 of this in my deck. for green and red is a great card thou

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CabalTherapy is taking yet another trip down memory lane and revisits a deck that used to be the best prison strategy in Legacy. Sit down and fasten your seatbelts because we are going to travel into a long-gone past when Dragons ruled the format.

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Keywords in Guilds of Ravnica

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Christian is excited for a second return to Ravnica and he's here to break down the mechanics, talk about them in the context of both constructed and limited Magic, and builds a little hype for our 3rd trip to the City of Guilds.

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Modern can be pricey, and it’s not easy to figure out the right way to find an entry point into the format. While there’s plenty of resources about the topic on the Internet, I wanted to write this article to give a perspective about the topic of getting into Modern on a budget as another resource for those of you that find yourself in this position. I hope that you’ll find it helpful as you begin your Modern journey!

Bloodbraid Elf: Proving Its Weight in Modern

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It’s been almost two months since Bloodbraid Elf came off the ban list, and we’ve seen a wide variety of lists running the four-drop. In this week’s article, Hans ponders the effect Bloodbraid Elf has had on Modern and compiles a compendium of recent deck lists playing the elf!

The Reign of Four-Drops in Modern - A Guide to Survive

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Since the last banned announcement unchained Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Bloodbraid Elf, Modern has shaken up drastically - or has it? Although most players are brewing decks that include these cards, I've decided to make the ultimate survival guide for fighting against them.

There and Back Again: The Bloodbraid Elf Story

ConstructedBy Kumagoro (2018-03-01)

If not exactly the Queen of Jund (that’s of course Liliana), Bloodbraid Elf was certainly its High Priestess back in the times. Now that she’s been unleashed on the Modern format once again, is she going to find a home in a drastically changed meta, or will she go the way of Bitterblossom?

Back to Basic Lands: Mono Color Decks in Modern

ConstructedBy Rone (2018-01-31)

Starting over in Magic is always difficult, especially Eternal formats where there is no rotation, and card staples tend to be expensive. Fortunately, there are some budget archetypes that allow you to start playing Modern and then evolve into a tier deck. Today, we are going to break down some mono color decks for Modern.

Essen Spiel 2017

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It's that time of the year again!

Back to the Future

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Magic, at its heart, is a game about change.

The Final Frontier

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There is a lot of talk about the new fan-created Magic format “Frontier”.

Tribal Flames

FinanceBy DrHoeh (2015-06-29)

There has been a resurgence of Tribal decks recently in Modern. First we saw a horde of Elves overrunning Grand Prix Charlotte, then something smelled fishy in Denmark when Merfolk swam out on top...

No shadow without fire

FinanceBy DrHoeh (2015-06-26)

There are a lot of powerful cards in Magic Origins, and that fact is reflected in the pre-sale prices as well. That is not a problem though, as you do not necessarily need to buy the best cards...

Standard Heroes

FinanceBy DrHoeh (2015-04-30)

Esper Dragons has established itself as a major force, but Standard keeps evolving.

Dragons - Prey on the Weak

FinanceBy DrHoeh (2015-03-17)

Dragons can prey on almost anyone and anything, but what should we prey on?

More Fate Reforged Sleepers

FinanceBy DrHoeh (2015-03-03)

Let's look at some potential sleepers in Fate Reforged. The set still seems new and under-explored, but at the same time the single card prices have somewhat settled already and Dragons of Tarkir is already on the horizon, threatening to take over players' minds and decks. We can expect attention to be diverted from Fate Reforged very soon, given that Prereleases will be held in less than three weeks and the excitement for Dragons of Tarkir will take over during spoiler season already.

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