Hangarback Walker

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joshowasho(2015-11-17 16:28)

This card is the absolute darling of Standard and makes its way into every deck, from the traditional like Jeskai and Abzan to the unconventional Aristocrats and G/x Eldrazi decklists. This is *somewhat* mitigated by the BFZ event deck reprint, but suffice to say that's not going to do much to slow its popularity.

However, that comes with a caveat. It doesn't look like the type of card that will still be good in Modern post rotation barring being in the sideboard of Affinity decks and maybe some of the value decks like Jund. It's good value, but it's not Lilliana. That's the tradeoff.

Earendil(2015-10-29 22:10)

Price keeps steadily rising in spite of reprint in the Event Deck...the card is just so good/versatile, even has synergy with the sacrifice archetype

chrisvanart(2015-09-24 21:11)

The price is going to drop because it is in the BFZ Event deck.

jory60(2015-09-12 02:26)

how do you make any deck better? just put 3 or 4 hangarbacks in it!

FernandoB(2015-07-22 11:29)

Really good card for current metagame, it can easily become a 3 for 1 or iven better

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Green Pastures

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The most relevant condition for any Battle for Zendikar speculation is the actual rarity of the Expeditions. Given that their expected value wouldn't just be cut in half over night by showing up twice as often, they would make up an even bigger portion of the value of a case.

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