Jace, Vryn's Prodigy // Jace, Telepath Unbound

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Lathiel777(16.02.2017 09:43)

...and because of Frontier, this card is seeing play again, and has stop dropping...

redfireant(01.09.2016 00:22)

i don't see this card droping any further in price contorlewise this card let's you cast an answer from you're graveyard things that give you an anthoer turn . the tric is keeping him alive

Bloox(10.03.2016 19:27)

Price will drop to 10€ when this card rotates out of standard

Klogan(08.01.2016 17:41)

Definetly not worth 50€ but it has jace name on it and thats enought for most people.
The card barelly sees play in modern. Sure 4 off on grixis control, no where else. Snapcaster Mage was 20€ for 2 years and played as a 4 of in at least five different decks and even now as a price point not so different from this one.

Tasidur(05.11.2015 16:41)

hahahaha I can't imagine somebody paying that for a hyped PW awesome (This card is not good enough) for that price I would get a snapcaster or a playset of splinter twin.

mementopap(19.10.2015 10:14)

Why a card like this is worth so much money? Even tarmogoyf when was playing in standard didnt cost more than 10 - 12 euro....

Thunderbug(10.10.2015 17:40)

Current price is unreal, the card is not, I repeat IS NOT good enough to even remotely justify its current cost.

espartaco(10.10.2015 00:09)

Can be possible for up the Origins sales, Wizards ALWAYS think in everything

Bomar(06.10.2015 18:29)

Obscene price point. Completely ridiculous for a standard card. I expect Wizards to do something about this in the VERY near future, otherwise standard is completely off-limits for most players

MetalF(03.08.2015 10:09)

No Jace in Vancouver Pro Tour Top 8, doesn't seem that good after all

IroasStudent(28.07.2015 14:46)

It's a Jace so people will play him. I don't really get the high price tag and I'm probably missing some broken combo but I'll wait and see for the next Pro Tour, I guess.

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