Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet

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hoiss(04.02.2016 20:47)

This card is very promising if you consider that the next set is going to be Shadows over Innistrad, which will certainly bring back a lot of graveyard interaction! I'm also really hoping that Vampire tribal gets another boost in the next set and/or block. Since it's a mythic of a somewhat small set, I'd pick up a copy or two if possible before the next set is released in case its price spikes!

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The Top 16 Pioneer Decks from Cardmarket Series Paris

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Cardmarket Series Paris gave us a Top 8 filled with Spirits and White-Blue Control. Red-Green Stompy and Sultai Midrange made it to the semifinals, while Lotus Breach claimed the trophy as well as the Players Tour invite. But where was Dimir Inverter? In the Top 16, that's where!

Monoblack Devotion in Standard and Beyond

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Gray Merchant of Asphodel is making its return to Standard in Theros Beyond Death. In the past, the card put up solid results not just in Standard, but in Pioneer and Modern as well. It's a well-designed card that makes deckbuilding easy, fun, and even budget-friendly, but will it be strong enough in 2020?

Pioneer at Cardmarket Series Prague

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Pioneer wasn't one of the big headliners in Prague, and the event's turnout wasn't big either. The format also experienced another round of bannings since. Nevertheless, the results call into question some previous assumptions. In particular, control fared much better than expected.

Brewer's Paradise Pioneer: Dimir Control

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With a new non-rotating Constructed format, players now face exciting opportunities to build decks with their favorite cards from past Standard environments. In Jace, Vryn's Prodigy, Andifeated has found the perfect nostalgia-inducing card to brew with. Read how he approaches a new format!

A Faithless Looting Eulogy, Part 2: In Memoriam

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The mourning continues in this series about the monumental banning of Faithless Looting from Modern. This time, Rone dives into the rest of the affected strategies in order to find the best future build for Mono-Red Prowess, Hollow One, and Mardu Pyromancer, to name but a few!

The Future of Dark Confidant and Modern Jund

EntertainmentBy HansD (2019-07-25)

Midrange decks are built with the metagame in mind and are thus highly customizable. Regardless, even the most customizable of these decks still play core cards that are integral to the deck’s gameplan. Very rarely, in a non-rotating format such as Modern, does a new card come along that displaces the current best-in-slot card for a midrange deck. With the printing of Wrenn and Six in Modern Horizons, I believe that Dark Confidant has found himself as the odd man out after years of being a Jund mainstay.

Reyhan and Ikra Budget Golgari Deck Tech

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Building a Commander deck is a fun, but daunting task, especially if you are on a tight budget. In this article, I will try to explain the thought process of building on a budget using cards which cost less than three euros each.

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When Magic sets began to revisit past planes, the legendary permanents came along for the journey as a regular feature of each and every outing. It would all culminate this year with the mother of all returns: the one coming full circle to the original plane where everything had started.

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For better or for worse, the year that just ended consolidated the current Modern meta. But who were the kings of the season? Meet the five decks that placed more consistently in the Top 8 of Modern events during 2017, while scoring victories at the largest tournaments.

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Eternal Standards

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Today I will answer an interesting question in regard to speculating on potential Eldritch Moon cards.

GP Los Angeles 2016

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There were two Grand Prix on the weekend, but one was overshadowed by a massive problem with the tournament software and the pairings, so today I want to look at GP Los Angeles only.

GP Tokyo 2016

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There were two Standard GPs this weekend - Tokyo and New York

Recurring price patterns

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Being able to find patterns and understand processes is a very valuable skill.

Mage Rally

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One last look at Standard before the Modern Pro Tour and the MKM Series Milan.

Success across the board

FinanceBy DrHoeh (2016-01-25)

Oath of the Gatewatch is a great set with a lot of tournament viable cards!

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