Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger

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Haltronic18(2020-02-28 01:42)

This is an auto include in any rakdos-coloured commander deck. It's good in early game and it's good in late game when you can escape it.

OregonKamm23(2020-02-19 21:38)

The card sees some play in black-red heavy compositions of Jund. This explains the drastic increase in demand. The current early state of the meta suggest that up to 2 copies is valid in a mirror-match type situation. Leaving that scenario out I don't think that this card will become anything more than an exotic sideboard extension to Jund. It simply lacks the reactive nature most cards in that deck have and playing for its escape costs means that you can not go for any green action. Even if that is the case I still think it is too slow.

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