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Fonor(26.11.2022 11:05)

Retro Frame Artwork is really beautiful

MTGamer0815(07.11.2022 06:27)

Also works with creatures that cost only 1 mana and are single colored as long as they are legendary.
Play a land, play a legendary 1 mana creature, play this mox, play any card that cost 1

coach33(14.03.2019 05:22)

Strong focus on planeswalkers in next set, that could be useful.

joven(10.03.2019 23:27)(Edited: 14.06.2021 15:49)

This Mox is really bad, because it needs a colored legendary creature or planeswalker in play to produce mana. Even with 0-1 mana legends it doesn't work well because it's highly unreliable.

Ruiner(21.04.2018 13:26)

What are you talking about? There are 1- & 2-cmc colored legendary creatures legal in standard right now, so this can procude if build around in standard in the 2nd turn mana reliably.

I really doubt that this Mox will see as much play as any other (not banned) Mox across formats though...

But who knows, maybe someday there will be a competitive legendary deck in any eternal format utilizing this, I guess only time will tell.

House-of-Cards-OE(15.04.2018 14:09)

epic fail, can't produce mana until round 4 in standard. edh mox is the right naming...

PartyJ(06.04.2018 16:48)

Captain Sisay will love this Mox!
In EDH I expect that the higher cmc commander decks will not use this Mox very often.

mindovermatter(29.03.2018 13:12)

New wording template by wizards cuts out reference to mana pool.. That is normal.

Ruiner(21.03.2018 18:08)

I think there is something missing regarding the rules text: shoudn't it end with "... to your mana pool."?

Anyhow, it seems like a card specifically designed for commander at first glance, maybe it's the most balanced Mox they have printed yet?

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Modern has a lot of things said about it, and I want to tackle in this week's article a few that I find to be myths about the format. I'm calling these four "Modern Myths," and I hope that bringing up these topics will spark a discussion. Do you think you'll agree with these points? Let's dive in and start off with the first one.

Brawl's Most Important Matchup

By JaminK (2018-05-07)

Two weeks ago, Wizards of the Coast introduced Brawl on Magic: The Gathering Online. Since then, Baral, Chief of Compliance has taken over the format by storm. After tinkering with deck, this article will guide you through the mirror step by step, so that you can get ahead of the metagame.

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By Rone (2018-04-24)

Dominaria's release is on the horizon and that means once thing for Modern players: time to brew decks and figure out which cards help which archetypes. This time, we have lots of reprints, awesome callbacks, Historic Spells and the new Enchantment mechanics: Sagas.

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