Mystic Remora

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W4tch0ut2(27.08.2022 12:37)

EDH all time staple. There are no better blue cards, only other similarly good ones :D

joven(24.07.2022 00:18)

This is not on the Reserved List. This used to be a bulk common for almost 2 decades. Commons were not put onto the Reserved List when it was created.

W4tch0ut2(25.06.2022 00:40)(Edited: 25.06.2022 00:43)

Would probably be a mythic, nowadays.
One of these cards that you either run in every blue EDH deck or you try to troll.

DoktorFuzzy(16.03.2021 11:35)

@Kulifumpen: It is not a reserved list card.

Kulifumpen(09.09.2020 19:24)

It is a Reserved List card. No reprint.

Ceribe(28.04.2020 13:09)

In most situations a better Ancestral Recall for fraction of it's price. It's crazy how this card was not reprinted yet. 10/10

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