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Radip(27.04.2017 15:02)

Unfortunately Felidar Guardian got banned and without it Saheeli will plummet in price. Maybe the combo can be transferred to modern, who knows...

Jrocha(13.01.2017 22:08)

This will play in standard in a UR Control with white splash deck for sure. There will be tons of it! And maybe it could see play in Modern since Splinter Twin is banned even though the previous combo was at instant speed.

House-of-Games(12.01.2017 23:54)

Be serious guys, it's a 3 colour deck in a format without any way of finding your combo pieces... The only card than can "fetch" for both pieces is oath of nissa but it is also a 4th colour in the deck.
Moreover felidar sovereign has to be playable in the deck and have more targets than the saheeli. It's just a hype, get over of it and sell the overhyperd cards asap

GSerra(11.01.2017 18:42)

Both comments forgetting the obvious interaction with Felidar Guardian. That's the reason of the spike, and possibly what will make her not only the cornerstone of one of the best decks in standard, but also a Splinter Twin like combo back in Modern.

KarmicJustin(10.01.2017 21:15)

Tripled in price in 1 day since the banning of Copter. It's really not a very good planeswalker and will tank again once it leaves standard...

Radip(09.01.2017 21:41)

Saheeli just got a bit stronger cause the copter has been banned. One less flyer to worry about. I think that heart of kiran now will take copter's place.

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