Shaman of the Pack

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souocesar(2015-07-20 18:16)

XeioDeSono i am too waiting for a playset of this baby here... it's so sweet to use collected company when you have a board full of tinny elves and just kill your opponent without attacking xD priceless.

XeioDeSono(2015-07-06 18:05)

This will be staple in Elves BG soon enough... I imagine is price to rise up to levels like young pyromancer and I can't wait to get my hands on a playset :)

Insight References

Dangerous Propositions: Glimpse of Nature

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The Modern ban list is a maximum security prison with 34 inmates, some of which could potentially pose a serious threat to the meta. In this ongoing series, we're reviewing each of those offenders to see if they're eligible for parole. This time it's the turn of the green storm enabler.

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During a conversation last week, my friend Stefan asked me if I would be interested in playing in a large Modern tournament the following week. He has a large collection of Modern staples, which he offered to lend if there was a deck I wanted to play in particular. He had decided on playing Grixis Shadow for the tournament, and I picked up Black-Green Elves. Here's the deck list for my 75.

Bloodbraid Elf: Proving Its Weight in Modern

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It’s been almost two months since Bloodbraid Elf came off the ban list, and we’ve seen a wide variety of lists running the four-drop. In this week’s article, Hans ponders the effect Bloodbraid Elf has had on Modern and compiles a compendium of recent deck lists playing the elf!

What the Four Best Decks from GP Phoenix Say about Modern

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Tribal Flames

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There has been a resurgence of Tribal decks recently in Modern. First we saw a horde of Elves overrunning Grand Prix Charlotte, then something smelled fishy in Denmark when Merfolk swam out on top...

No news is good news!

FinanceBy DrHoeh (2020-01-20)

With the B/R announcement behind us we can now focus on Magic Origins completely.

Modern Uncommons

FinanceBy DrHoeh (2020-01-27)

Looking for Christmas presents?

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