Songs of the Damned

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Magicsaleman(27.03.2018 23:16)

It has takes several years, I don't know why.... (even in the Ice Age Era....) for this card to be recognize has a great one....

Ok it's not like a Dark Ritual who's a Instant and gives 3 Mana quickly but this in interrupt (instant) gives 1 Black mana for EACH creature in your graveyard....

Dark Ritual is/can be used quickly but the benefit of "Songs of the Damned" is X times beter.....
You must just play it on the right moment and you'll directly the difference ....

A Hurricane of Black Mana to lauch high black mana cost cards !

For most quicker effect or (combo ^^) used as well "Culling of the weak" from Exodus.

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