Thing in the Ice / Awoken Horror

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Athlete(2018-02-07 13:16)

Finally sees some play. Pro Tour 2018 Modern in UR Pyromancer Deck by Pascal Vieren!

DerChris(2017-12-19 18:18)

And in the end it couldnt keep up to the hype...just another 2-3€ card. What do we learn? Never respond to overly hyped cards in these days!

Knuffeldraak(2016-04-29 21:26)

@ProPeanuts, even though it has no passive protection, it's a horrendous 7/8. He has no backlash on transformation, because he sweeps away all non-horror creatures, and can DIRECTLY attack the very turn he got transformed (which, if optimal, is turn 4.)

Knuffeldraak(2016-04-29 21:23)

I personally think this card is really powerfull. I think a little too powerfull from what a standard deck is capable off (unless you've specially adapted your deck against this). While normally digging into your library, this creature can already turn into a 7/8 with no backlash at all (contrary to Awoken Construct). What's worse, is that there's no counter. His transformation isn't a spell, he doesn't suffer from summoning sickness (as he already was on the field), and he removes all non-horror creatures from the game into people's hands.

IMO, this card shouldn't be in standard. In modern, perhaps, but it's still extremely powerfull for so early in the game. a turn-4 7 damage creature w/o sickness isn't particulairly a "blue" card. That's more green/red-ish.

vedell(2016-04-18 21:30)

@anssi what u talking about? remember a card called snapcaster mage? it was rare :)

AnotherNamelessUser(2016-03-11 13:56)

test subject didn’t block as well. also, it cost 12 mana.
and if clearing the board isn’t evasion, what is?
likewise, surviving a shock should be enough protection for a 2drop

espartaco(2016-03-10 15:04)

@DAKTR my apologizes buddy but "Ludevics Testsubject" is not this creature. Curve, and thing to transform is not the same. Even this one got not trample, it doesn't matter...people would like to remove quickly this monster.

ProPeanuts(2016-03-10 00:30)

I don't see the OP-ness. I mean, it is rather good yea, but why OP? it has no evasion or protection. Still awesome card though!

daktr(2016-03-09 21:17)

Ludevics Testsubject from old Innistrad was similar. The Creature even was 13/13, but in the end, nobody played it. maybe the same here

jakuboboza(2016-03-09 10:24)

it is a rare in highly opened set so expect it to not be more than 4 euro. Current valuation of 14 euro is crazy.

Anssi(2016-03-08 18:03)

Will be 3-4€ in few months. Card is good, but large set rares just can't be expensive since there will be so many opened.

energy7000(2016-03-08 16:15)

This card is truly over powered. You can play it in aggro deck or in control deck in every format. In same case you could save your own creature.
This is a rare card that every player in every format want in his own kernel. The price of this card will grow inexorably.

Manuel94(2016-03-07 22:11)

early blocker , winning condition , bounces all other creatures, easy to splash it will see play in all formats even vintage!

SmoggeR(2016-03-07 21:28)


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