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BenRG89(13.05.2022 13:00)

The treasure support of the lates sets, as well as SNC makes this card ridiculously good in EDH. And as WOTC acknowledges treasures and keep printing new cards for the mechanic this card can only get stronger.

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Thanks, I Hate It: The Acorn Controversy

By TobiH (2021-12-07)

As a little Christmas present, Wizards gave us early news about next year's Unfinity. It's the fourth—or fifth?—entry in the silver-bordered Un-/fun line. Or is it? In any case, there's a lot going on here. At least, there's more than meets the eye. At the very least, there's more than meets the eye easily.

Rotation Grief: Core Set 2021, Part 2

By Kumagoro (2021-09-08)

The Standard rotation is upon us again! Time to acknowledge the disappearance from our decks of all the cards from the four rotating sets. We end this journey of grief (or perhaps jubilation) by looking at the red, green, multicolored, and colorless cards Standard will lose when Core Set 2021 rotates out.

Commander Deck Design: The Scorpion God

By K_Prinz (2021-09-02)

Not everyone approaches Commander the same way, and it'd be boring if everyone did! Here's a somewhat different take on the format and an example of another deck design philosophy at work. This deck is built around −1/−1 counters, charge counters, and proliferate, with a small poison counter theme thrown in.

White Cards That Should See More Play in Commander

By RyanS (2021-03-31)

Playing 99 singletons means great variety, but there are always ways to improve the Commander experience further, especially when it comes to the most-maligned color. The recent reprint of Rebuff the Wicked inspired us to look at some underutilized white cards and talk about why they should see more play in EDH.

Rotation Grief: Core Set 2020, Part 2

By Kumagoro (2020-09-14)

Rotation is just a few days away! Time to acknowledge the sudden disappearance from our decks of all the cards leaving the format. We end this journey of grief (or perhaps jubilation) by looking into the red, green, multicolored, and colorless cards Standard is going to lose when Core Set 2020 rotates out.

Why You Too Should Play European Highlander

By Ratix (2020-01-06)

Before Commander caught on, players had already been enjoying a singleton format for years. It was named Highlander — originally for the catchphrase of the 1986 cult classic which stipulates that "There can be only one," but the format also seems to want to live forever.

What Brawl Does for Commander

By RJGiel (2019-09-10)

In March 2018, WotC announced a new format; Brawl. A singleton, Commander-like format that would only use cards for Standard, and thus rotate. After a rough start, WotC has decided to revive the format, but what does this mean for commander players?

Rotation Grief: Ixalan (Part 2)

By Kumagoro (2019-08-28)

The Standard Rotation looms closer with each passing day. How the meta will change, at first, will be a direct consequence of the disappearance of four rotating sets. We continue this journey of grief (or jubilation, depending on who you ask) by looking at the red, green, multicolored, and colorless cards we'll have to remove when Ixalan rotates.

Define This: Tempo

By Moudou (2019-02-01)

In the current set of chapters on Define This, we are going into more specific notions of the vocabulary. While some words are easy to define, some have a sturdy theoretical background, or are simply not easy to describe as such. After going through CA and tiebreakers, let's work on a notion that isn't properly defined: tempo.

Important Changes to Standard With Ravnica Allegiance

By JaminK (2019-01-31)

Ravnica Allegiance has finally been released everywhere. It has been out on Magic Online for a week longer already and Standard has already undergone great changes with the new cards. Today I want to take a look at the biggest shake-ups in the new Standard.

Communing with Dinosaurs at Grand Prix Shizuoka

By JaminK (2018-12-06)

Jamin takes his last chance to prove that Green-Red dinosaurs is more than a homebrew in Standard. Learn about the difficulties he encountered while he takes you through the fifteen rounds of Grand Prix Shizuoka to see if Sarkhan's Unsealing can match the power level of Golgari Midrange.

Dinosaurs at Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica

By JaminK (2018-11-20)

Guilds of Ravnica marked Jamin's first Pro Tour. Read all about the weird idea that turned into the deck he submitted and an updated list to crush Standard with.

Two Standard Decks You Might Have Missed

By JaminK (2018-10-22)

Since Guilds of Ravnica released, many have tried finding the best combination of cards to win in Standard. Some decks have become frontrunners of the format already but there is a lot left to be explore. Today Jamin introduces two decks you may not have seen before.

Surprises in Standard at Pro Tour 25th Anniversary

By JaminK (2018-08-09)

M19 has been available in Standard for a bit and while it seemed like the existing decks were going to continue to dominate, there were many surprises during the Pro Tour. Jamin covers his expectations, the coolest decks from the PT, and a surprising Online PTQ metagame.

On Lower Tiers: Standard MBC

By Kumagoro (2018-08-08)

Despite the clear dominance of a few lists, Standard is a surprisingly diverse format right now and features a handful unsung heroes. One of these is Monoblack Torment, the most straightforward ramp archetype in the meta. Let's see where it's at now, and where it will go after the October rotation.

Three Exciting Standard Decks

By JaminK (2018-07-04)

While thirteen of the Top 32 Standard decks at GP Pittsburgh included the mighty Goblin Chainwhirler, there’s still innovation to be found. Multiple decks only few people had on their radar made a splash this weekend including an old fan favorite.

Define This: Deck Categories

By Moudou (2018-06-26)

Magic is a game of terms. There are dozens of aspects of the game that are poorly defined and many unoffical words have become standard issue. In this article, Moudou will define and codify various deck categories in this, the first part of a longer series on Magic terminology.

The State of Standard

By ChristianS (2018-06-01)

Dominaria dropped and immediately warped the Standard landscape around it. For the first time in a while, a set managed to shift the chokehold Kaladesh had on the meta. But how has it changed Standard and what decks should people be looking out for in this new landscape. Christian has the answers below!

The Year of Living Dangerously: Mastering Mastery

By JohnnyCroat (2018-05-24)

Imagine not being able to lose the game. Imagine that every time you gain life, you draw extra cards. (Card advantage is great, right?) …but what’s this? I need to exile some cards in my graveyard? Okay, I can do that. Now my hand? Well, I guess since I drew extra cards, I don’t mind. My permanents too? Uh-oh…

Brawl's Most Important Matchup

By JaminK (2018-05-07)

Two weeks ago, Wizards of the Coast introduced Brawl on Magic: The Gathering Online. Since then, Baral, Chief of Compliance has taken over the format by storm. After tinkering with deck, this article will guide you through the mirror step by step, so that you can get ahead of the metagame.

Artifact Synergies in Dominaria

By ChristianS (2018-04-17)

Christian is back at it with Dominaria, this time looking at potential artifact synergies for the upcoming expansion. From Djinns to Planeswalkers, and even to the new Saga Mechanic, Dominaria looks to be an artifacts matter set, pairing well with Kaldesh and bringing new and old archetypes to life.

How Good is Ascend?

By ChristianS (2018-01-26)

Ascend is the major new mechanic in Rivals of Ixalan. In this article, we will discuss what it is, how to get it, and what benefits you get for having it. We suggest some potential decks that might provide a good home for the new mechanic as well. Read further if you want to learn all about Ascend!

Trash or Treasure?

By DrHoeh (2017-09-29)

It is time to find out what is hot and what is not in the new Standard!

Tokens and Treasures and Treasure Tokens

By DrHoeh (2017-09-08)

The exploration of Ixalan and its themes continues …

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