Woodland Bellower

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gmabber(22.07.2015 16:11)

Great stuff for green decks in EDH. Chains awesomly with Fierce Empath, Courser of Kruphix, Eternal Witness, Reclamation Sage or any ramp dudes. Super cool!

Ardenal(20.07.2015 22:32)

It will surely see play in standard, imagine a three drop bomb being spoiled for September! People are already using it in Abzan Megamorph/Midrange!

Manuel94(08.07.2015 23:37)

too slow for modern and i dunno if this will be good in standard they are better creatures in samecurve... doesnt have trample or reach or something beyond a big body that doesnt win the game, the hability is cool and is not legendary... at the end future will tell but legendary ?real?

metharon(04.07.2015 00:48)

Might be real good in elves in standard if that becomes as thing as it can grab both the rec sage and the new drain elf. And in other decks you can still get a abzan beastmaster, rec sage or a courser of kruphix.

Fael569(29.06.2015 16:04)

I expect this card to be one of the break-out cards in this set. A truly unique trigger on a big body is 'Titanic'. Just tutoring and putting on the battlefield of a Deathmist Raptor is awesome value for 6 mana.

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