Set Information

The Amonkhet Invocations are a series of reprinted cards in a premium foil design that are inserted into the expansion Amonkhet and Hour of Devastation. All these cards are very popular cards from the history of Magic - with a new image and a special frame that fits the theme of the Amonkhet block. They are similarly rare as foil mythic rares and will only be available in English. If you open a German or Japanese Amonkhet pack, it may also contain an Invocation, but it will be in English, regardless of the language of the remaining booster pack. Opening one of these extraordinary cards will really be an exciting event! These cards are legal in limited formats, but only legal in the constructed formats in which they were already legal before. In the future, each block will contain such a premium set of reframed cards, the reprints will be chosen to suit the theme of the block. The general name for all those reprint sets is "Masterpiece Series," but each set will have its own name.