Set Name: Battlebond
Number of Cards: 254
Release Date: June 8, 2018
Languages Available: English, Chinese Simplified, Japanese

Set Information

Two-Headed Giant Gets Its Own Expansion in Battlebond

Two-Headed Giant gets its first dedicated MTG expansion on June 8 2018. The set is designed for  drafting, making it a rather unique product as a draft-pack specifically designed for team-play. The set contains 254 cards, split into the five basic lands, 101 commons, 80 uncommons, 53 rares, and 15 mythics. 85 of the cards are new and all the cards are going to be legal in Commander, Legacy, and Vintage. This means the set also has significant appeal for Commander players, as the theme of having multiple opponents is quite relevant in the singleton format. Legacy players will be getting a number of crucial reprints as well, which should come as a relief for players looking for cheaper versions of cards that have ballooned somewhat recently in price.

Crucial Reprints in the Nick of Time

Battlebond is foremost a test set for Wizards, seeing if the idea of a team-draft expansion sells well enough and is worth continuing in the future. However, it also serves as a means to deliver crucial reprints for the eternal formats without setting these cards loose on the Standard metagame. In this case, there are some excellent Legacy reprints for some expensive creatures that haven't seen reprints in a good long while.

The first major reprint comes in the form of Legacy's most famous Merfolk – True-Name Nemesis. This staple Merfolk hasn't seen a reprint since its debut in Commander 2013, so it's a welcome reprint for the Legacy community. Other notable reprints include Doubling Season, Land Tax, Kor Spiritdancer, Seedborn Muse, Chain Lightning, and Swords to Plowshares.

There are a lot of eternal cards to like here, especially if you play Commander, but reprints aren't the point of a new set. The new cards in Battlebond cover a wide range of formats and should make way for some interesting deck ideas throughout all the eternal formats.

A New Rector Joins Some New Commanders for a Multiplayer Extravaganza

Battlebond, in many ways, is like a Commander booster pack, bringing numerous new tricks to the multiplayer format, while also providing a unique team-draft experience. Some of the new tricks include cards like Arena Rector, a four-mana creature that, like his brother Academy Rector, fetches a card from the deck to the battlefield upon death. This time around, it's a Planeswalker that the Rector summons. Academy Rector sees fringe play in Legacy and is one of Magic's most powerful creatures, so a version that fetches Planeswalkers may prove worth the extra mana players have the spend to cast him. Only time will tell of course.

A new tutor isn't the only thing the set brings, with several new crucial Commander cards making their debut and the triumphant return of the Partner mechanic no less. One of the interesting things the set does is play with an old Commander set mechanic, turning the Partner mechanic into a useful tool for non-Commander formats. In this case, cards like Will Kenrith, a Partner Planeswalker that can also be your commander, partners specifically with Rowan Kenrith. This means you can play both as your commanders. Also, when one enters the battlefield, you can tutor the other, which is part of the rules text of the new "partner with…" mechanic.

There are several other cards and mechanics in this set, from Assist, which allows teammates to pay for your spells to the powerful warrior commander Najeela, the Blade-Blossom who easily enables infinite combat steps. Either way, the expansion provides a nice platform for both limited Magic and eternal Magic for those looking for a blast from the past. So, gear up for the arena and enjoy Magic's newest supplemental set – Battlebond.

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nekron(01.03.2018 20:54)

This was long waited! Rtr where close to great but this is hopefully something really new level experience