Commander Anthology II

About Commander Anthology II


Set Name: Commander Anthology II

Number of Cards: 400

Release Date: June 08, 2018

Languages Available: English


400 Cards in One Pack: A New Commander Anthology is on the Horizon

2018 is an exciting year for Commander players. Battlebond will likely add some amazing new multiplayer cards, Commander 2018 is going to bring another set of awesome new commanders and Wizards has decided to release Commander Anthology II. As with the last anthology, players should expect four complete Commander decks from previous Commander series. It's likely that at least one deck from the four-color Commander decks will be present and, in addition, at least one of the tribal decks will be present. As for the other two, it's tough to say. It could be other decks from the two most recent Commander sets, or maybe they will reach further back and highlight old Commander decks not highlighted in the first Commander Anthology. Either way, check back in late May for the full breakdown of the latest Commander Anthology.


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