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Black Bling and Commander Staples in Commander Collection: Black

Commander Collection: Black presents you with yet another way to pimp your commander deck with unique versions of popular cards. And the set even has something that has never seen an official printing before, but let's come back to that in a little bit.

Commander Collection is a product line very akin to the long running but now long gone From the Vault series. Or to the short-lived Signature Spellbook series. The product contains a few cards in a nice box. A bit like Secret Lair drops, one might say. But Commander Collection differs from most Secret Lair drops in that it can be bought directly from your local game store rather than only directly from Wizards of the Coast.

Reanimation Baron Sengir

Where much of the value in the green edition of Commander Collection came from the inclusion of Sylvan Library the value in the black collection is more evenly spread out. But Commander staples such as Toxic Deluge and Phyrexian Arena are solid inclusions. And with a new Nils Hamm illustration for Reanimate, even Legacy and Vintage players might be persuaded to open their deep wallets for a playset. And as a nod to the older generations of Magic players, Reanimate has the quote on its flavor text " Death is a small price to pay for immortality." attributed to Baron Sengir.

Snakes, Zombies and the Rest

Another interesting inclusion is the first reprint ever of Ophiomancer originally from Commander 2013. And it is alongside this cube staple that we get a first ever: an official printing of the 1/1 black snack token with deathtouch that the card generates. The flipside of the snake token is a 2/2 black zombie.

Commander Collection: Black also contains Ghoulcaller Gisa the ever present dynamic duo Sol Ring and Command Tower as well as  a copy of Liliana, Heretical Healer // Liliana, Defiant Necromancer which incidentally was in the last ever From the Vault.

Black Numbers on the Bottom Line

Commander Collection: Black released on the 28th of January, and it comes both in a regular version and a premium edition with all foil cards. Pre-release prices begin at around 40 € for the regular edition and 100 € for the premium edition.

If the first release in the series, Commander Collection: Green is anything to go by, this product will at the very least hold its pre-release price level for a good while. And over longer time you should not be surprised to see a steady increase, after it goes out of print. Because even if Commander Collection: Black ends up being printed in abundance – which it most probably will – the value is still there with some highly playable cards.