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Commander Edition 2021: Strixhaven Takes You Back to School

These days, a couple of freshman level Commander precons are released with nearly every Magic: The Gathering set. But what if you aren't an advanced scholar in the field of social studies required for multiplayer Magic? Well, luckily there's still the annual Commander Edition for you. In 2021, Commander players get to go back to school. And the campus of choice is the most prestigious school of mages in the entire multiverse: Strixhaven on the plane of Arcavios. Each of the five colleges of Strixhaven will be represented with a deck in their particular two-color combination, corresponding to Magic's five enemy color pairs. With the face cards of the decks yet to be spoiled, you might feel uncertain about which college you should send your application to, but our guesses are the following:

Looking to spend your college years preparing for a life in the upper echelons of society? Pick up the WB Silverquill Statement deck and become a part of the in-crowd. If the world is but a stage and you live for the drama, give the UR Prismari Performance deck a try. Does the school part of school matter less to you than finding sustainable ways to recycle cards and do you have all the pins, patches and T-shirts to prove it? Look no further than the BG Witherbloom Witchcraft deck. Coming Witherbloomers can rejoice that Wizards of the Coast listened to you and reduced the amount of packaging for all five decks. If you aim to go where no nerd has gone before, the UG Quantum Quandrix is the deck for you, and anyone named Indiana Jones or Laura Croft will most likely enjoy the RW Lorehold Legacies deck.

Commander Edition 2021: Strixhaven opens for enrollment shortly so watch this space for more information.