Set Information

Commander Adventures on Zendikar

The release of Zendikar Rising on 25 September 2020 is accompanied by two preconstructed Commander decks set on the same plane and is meant as a way to introduce new players to the Commander format. Six of the cards, three per each deck, are completely new. This includes the two mythic commanders as well as two additional rares per deck, which are defining the Zendikar setting, while all the other cards are reprints from across the Multiverse, but with an eye towards Zendikar-based products.

Cards reprinted from Zendikar Rising maintain the latter's symbol and code. This was the same approach used in Ikoria Commander (aka Commander 2020), although on a smaller scale, due to the reduced number of new cards. The two 100-card decks are sold separately and accompanied by a deck box, a life counter, and ten double-sided tokens. The two commanders appear in a premium foil version. The new cards are only legal in Vintage, Legacy and Commander.

The Power Is in the Land

Both decks reprise themes from Zendikar Rising. "Land's Wrath", lead by Obuun, Mul Daya Ancestor, is a Naya ramp deck that exploits landfall on classic cards like Admonition Angel, Emeria Angel, Rampaging Baloths and Evolution Sage. Obuun himself is able to animate a land for free every turn, and has a landfall trigger that puts a +1/+1 counter on any creature – and if he chooses to buff himself, his manland also becomes bigger. The other new cards are the red goader Geode Rager and the white reanimator Trove Warden, both featuring landfall as a mechanical enabler of their abilities. Other notable cards include Omnath, Locus of Rage, Sun Titan, and Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar.

Mill and Steal

The Dimir list, "Sneak Attack," features Anowon, the Ruin Thief as its commander. The vampire character, which previously appeared as the card Anowon, the Ruin Sage, has been famously depicted in stories as a travel companion of several planeswalkers on their way to the Eye of Ugin. Repurposed as a Rogue tribal lord, he is now the leading engine in a deck that primarily aims at wining by milling the opponent. However, the accompanying exclusive rares, Enigma Thief and Whispersteel Dagger, move in a slightly different direction, establishing a secondary "thievery" theme - the Sphinx using the returning prowl mechanic to drop a large evasive body on the battlefield while bouncing opposing permanents as a tempo play, and the Equipment stealing dead creatures from the opponent's graveyard. The mill plan is thus pursued by cards like Consuming Aberration, Merfolk Windrobber, Oona, Queen of the Fae, Soaring Thought-Thief, and Syr Konrad, the Grim. On top of the commander himself, 23 creatures in the list have the Rogue type, an amount that ensures prowl will be enabled often and allows for tribal payoff cards like Stinkdrinker Bandit and Distant Melody.

Additionally, both decks include Commander staples Sol Ring, Arcane Signet and Command Tower.