Set Name: Conspiracy: Take the Crown Number of Cards: 221 Release Date: August 26, 2016 Official Codes: CN2, #MTGCN2 Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese Simplified

Set Information

Conspiracy: Take the Crown (also known as Conspiracy 2 or Conspiracy 2016) is the second „Conspiracy“ set and like it's predecessor from 2014 is a set specially designed for multiplayer games, with a strong focus on limited play and draft. As in the original set, Conspiracy: Take the Crown contains „draft matters“ cards that are relevant during the draft process as they affect the way cards are drafted. The draft decks are then meant to be played in multiplayer games with 3 to 5 players and therefore we are going to see new multiplayer mechanics and interactions. And of course we get more of the set's name-sake cards: Conspiracies, that will make multiplayer games more „political“. As the set continues in the first Conspiracy's tradition, we get a new 3-mana Planeswalker card, as well as a large number of Legacy and Vintage legal cards, thus this set should also appeal to the Eternal format players.

Conspiracy sets expand some elements that we know from playing a game of Magic into the drafting process itself by including cards that have effects while the draft is happening! Some cards instruct you to note information during the draft that will become relevant during the game, turning the entire draft into a more holistic experience. You may be asked to draft a card face-up, or pick twice from the same pack and skip your next pick instead. There will be a lot of deviations from the usual ways of drafting, creating a unique experience.


Conspiracy cards aren't shuffled into a deck, so they don't count toward the 40-card minimum. Instead every player just puts their conspiracies into the command zone before the game begins. Some of them even start the game face down – after all you don't want your conspiracies to be revealed before it is too late for your victims! Conspiracies with hidden agenda even make you secretly name a card before the game begins. Conspiracies aren't legal in any Constructed format, but they're allowed in Cube drafts.

The Monarch

Some cards in this set allow you to become The Monarch . Everybody knows it is good to be king, but how good exactly? At the beginning of his end step, the monarch draws a card for free. There are also several cards in the set which are better if you are the monarch. Once somebody is the monarch, somebody else can grab the crown by dealing combat damage to the monarch though. One can also become the monarch if the current monarch “unexpectedly” leaves the game. Once any player became the monarch, there will be exactly one monarch for the rest of the game.

Council's Dilemma

With Council's Dilemma everyone at the table gets to vote. Every single vote will be relevant this time around as every choice will lead to some kind of effect. Both choices may benefit the caster, so you may not get an easy way out. It is called Dilemma for a reason. You carry out both effects once for each time it was chosen by one of the players.


Everybody always attacks the monarch, or the player with the most annoying permanents, or the guy who drafted the spoiler rare face up. One way or the other it is great if you can convince the other players to attack anybody but you. This is where Goad comes in handy: A goaded creature has to attack, and it has to be a player other than you if possible. The controller of a goaded creature will still choose who the creature attacks exactly, but that is fine as it definitely won't be you – unless you are the only legal option. When the game is down to just two players this trick won't get you very far anymore. This ability should be great fun with something like Karona, False God though.


Attacking the monarch may be fun, but attacking everybody at the same time is even more fun. Melee is a new ability that triggers whenever a Melee creature attacks, giving it +1/+1 until end of turn for each opponent you attacked this combat.


Conspiracy: Take the Crown also brings back some very iconic cards from Magic's rich history. Berserk was one of the really cool cards from the very first set, which was forgotten for a while before becoming a Legacy staple years later when the Infect creatures were printed. Show and Tell is another “crazy” reprint, which isn't only a center piece of two different Legacy decks, but also one of the coolest multiplayer cards ever made. Anything can happen at a Commander table when this spell resolves. Between the unique draft experience, valuable reprints and powerful cards for Legacy and Commander, this set has something for everybody!