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Core Set 2020 Bringing More Core-Set Goodness

War of the Spark is definitely what's on people's mind right now with 36 new Planeswalkers heading into Standard and all other formats. But it's important to remember that a new year means a new Core Set as well! Core Set 2020 releases on 12 July 2019 and will bring its own host of cards to Magic: The Gathering.

As War of the Spark will have massive implications in the MTG multiverse, Wizards of the Coast is being tight-lipped about what we might expect come July. But let's not leave out hope for some Phyrexian-esque cards, hinting a future trip to New Phyrexia. Check back in mid-June 2019 for the full breakdown, when we'll have a lot more to say about Core Set 2020!