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Twice the Deal, Double (Masters) the Fun

After skipping one year in 2019, the Masters series triumphally returns with Double Masters, released 6 August 2020 on Magic Online and 7 August 2020 in physical form. Designed to be drafted like all its predecessors since 2013's Modern Masters, this new 332-card compilation set comes with a juicy twist, in that every 15-card booster contains two rare or mythic rare slots. This unprecedented approach radically changes the Limited experience, because every first pick has now twice the potential to add a bomb rare to your draft pool, and every second pick will be a first pick all over again! On top of that, all the Double Masters draft boosters include two premium foil cards rather than just one. The special VIP Edition pack, distributed in lieu of a Collector Booster, ups the value to a semi-random selection of 35 cards, allocated as follows:

  • 2 foil rares of mythics
  • 8 foil uncommons
  • 9 foil commons
  • the full set of 10 exclusive full-art basic lands (reprinting the popular full-art lands from Unhinged and Battle for Zendikar)
  • 2 exclusive foil full-art basic lands, selected randomly among the previous ones
  • 2 exclusive foil double-sided tokens generated by cards in the set
  • exclusive foil versions of 2 of the 40 borderless Box Toppers

The Old Made New

Without any doubt, the primary allure of any Masters series set resides in the quality of its reprints. After all, the main reason for these sets to exist to begin with is to bring into circulation a fresh quantity of staple cards. Double Masters certainly delivers on this front. Here are some notable high-impact cards we're bound to find inside its boosters.

In addition, each of the 24-booster Double Masters boxes contains two borderless promo Box Toppers chosen from a selection of 40 (and yes, it's once again twice the normal amount), 32 of which are rare or mythic, 8 are common or uncommon, all representing staples across the major formats, and all but one coming with new art – the only exception being Jace, the Mind Sculptor. A number of beloved artists from Magic's early era, like Richard Kane Ferguson, Ron Spencer, Mark Poole, and Mark Tedin, returned to create new art for these memorable cards. Tedin's work on the UrzaTron lands – Urza's Mine, Urza's Tower, Urza's Power Plant – is particularly noteworthy, as it forms a panorama (also available as a playmat) alongside the borderless version of Karn Liberated, a scenario containing references to a plethora of Urza-related (and mostly Tedin-made) old cards like Defense Grid, Extruder, Mana Matrix, Strip Mine, and Urza's Factory.

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MarkSchuite(21.07.2020 18:07)

Verry disapointing to see the same reprints over and over again!
So many great cards to choose from, why not be more creative then this?