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leeu6543(11.10.2021 14:28)

The back is different? What is different? I have some cards from the IV-edition and the are significantly different from one another. But how can I tell which one is IV and which Alternate? I don't have a UV lamp...

finbehemoth(01.04.2018 09:57)

Set information:
The Alternate Fourth Edition is a unique print run of the Fourth Edition set – likely the first attempt to produce Magic cards within the United States. The cards were printed in early 1995, by The United States Playing Card Company in Cincinatti, Ohio, USA instead of the regular printer Carta Mundi in Belgium. This set is sometimes referred to as "Summer 4th", but has nothing to do with the real Summer Magic set, aka Edgar. Alternate 4th is a decent quality print run, but has clear printing differences to the Carta Mundi cards. The color balance is off and the card back is different. so that the Alt 4th cards can be identified just by looking at the card backs. One other way to tell them apart from regular cards is with a UV lamp. Alt 4th cards were printed with UV protection and thus will not glow brightly under a UV light.

RvR100(11.01.2017 21:28)

Any comments would be nice. Is this the "summer" edition? Or are these the fourth edition cards from 1996? They do differ sometimes from the 1995 versions.