Set Information


In Ravnica, which is a city and a whole world as well, the Gatecrash will happen in only a few weeks from now. During the last weeks we could see for the first time, how life has changed for its inhabitants after the collapse of the old guildpact. We learned that Isperia has risen to be the new prime leader of the Azorius Senate. We know now, that Niv-Mizzet and Rakdos have returned and that they are planning something obscure. Vraska, a Golgari Planeswalker, who seems to avoid getting into these politic schemes, is obscure as well. The Selesnya Conclave with its new leader Trostani seems to get ready and armed - which shows that the peace in Ravnica is fragile. Especially now, that the other five guilds are put into the spotlight:

Boros - The Boros Legion has a new leader as well: Aurelia, an archangel, who represents more of the red side of the guild. She raised upon her predecessor- the Angel Feather - with passion and energy and took him prisoner. With the help of the Goblin Krenko, Feather could escape, and as we all would expect, this is just the beginning of a conflict which is fueled by the degradation of the Feather-lead League of Wojek by Aurelia.

Orzhov - The black-white guild is still presided by the council of ghosts and now stronger than ever. This Obzedat still sits in Orzhova, the Church of Deals and talks mostly through the voice of Teysa Karlov. She, as the representative of the ghost council, has contributed massively to the new guildpact. This means, that the needs of the Orzhov guild will be met for sure.

Dimir - House Dimir exists! Even if few will believe it and even fewer know for sure. Szadek, the evil vampire and leader of the guild is dead, but his spirit is still alive holding control over the ghost city of Ravnica, Agyrem. The guild itself is governed by Lazav, a shapeshifter, about whom nothing is known, not even his or her gender. The same is true for Duskmantle, House of Shadow - it was rebuilt in a secret location in the Undercity and only very few know where. With so few things known, there is plenty of room for speculation...

Gruul - Even though the Gruul Clans never claimed a major role in the events following the breakdown of the first guildpact. They still are very susceptible for its consequences. The general trouble is very welcome by this loose affiliation of clans. Their philosophy of the survival of the fittest is easier accomplished without control and order. A real leader is still missing, even though Borborygmos - a mighty Cyclops - is the mightiest of the Gruuls clan leaders. However, this position is far from undisputed, for even he gets older.

Simic - The Simic Combine has undergone a lot of changes. Starting with the guildmaster Zegana, who took over after the death of Monir Vig. The real influence of this merfolk-lady is still unknown for there are rumors, that she might control the Speakers’ Chamber instead of only being only a part of it. At least as mysterious as Zegana are the so-called sinkholes, of which nine have emerged on Ravnica by now.

As you can see, there are a lot of mysteries to solve about the guilds themselves. Additionally, the planeswalker Jace has returned to his home - now even mightier than before. Aside the omnipresent temptations that come with his great powers, there are signs, that his is involved in the secret plans of Niv-Mizzet. Another planeswalker who will probably influence the events is Gideon, Champion of Justice, whom we last saw fighting Eldrazi. His path leads to Ravnica, for there are rumors that in the city a group of planeswalkers reside whom he could ask for help. Who these planeswalkers might be and if they really exist, will surely be revealed in Gatecrash, as well as the important question whether it is possible to lead a life in Ravnica outside of the guilds. More than once we have heard of the so-called guildless (e.g. in the flavor text of Fencing Ace) and so it should be to no one’s surprise, that the guilds not only find themselves in a power struggle amongst themselves, but also would be forced to tackle such a rebellion collectively. And as if that would not be enough, the city might as well be threatened by an enemy from outside - just remember Nephilim.

However the threat might look like, it will be enormous and will drastically change the appearance of the world of Ravnica as we know it. We may be curious.