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We're Headed Back to Ravnica for Three Large Sets, Leading off with Guilds of Ravnica

Ravnica is one of the most popular planes in Magic: The Gathering and with good reason. It introduced the two-color guilds to the world of Magic. Their unique identities have formed card design and lore around these enemy and allied two-color pairings ever since. Unofficially labeled as "the Guilds of Ravnica block," we will be back on the city-plane for three large sets, leading off with "Guilds of Ravnica" slated for release on 5 October 2018. Nicol Bolas will presumably be up to some mischief on the fan-favorite plane, so look out for hints of his presence in the spoiler. We'll have a full expansion breakdown, detailing the must-have cards of the set in early September 2018, so be sure to come back and check that out.