Set Name: Iconic Masters
Number of Cards: 249
Release Date: November 17, 2017
Languages Available: English, Chinese Simplified, Japanese

Set Information

Iconic Masters: Spirit Dragons, Praetors, and a Brand-New Draft Set

Continuing the highly successful “Masters” series, Iconic Masters once again brings Magic players a booster-based compilation of some of Magic: the Gathering’s hottest cards. The set contains 249 different cards, carefully selected to give players a unique and enjoyable booster draft experience. Experienced players will be greeted by a trip down memory lane with many of the most well-known and exciting cards from the last 25 years of MTG history.

Players will be greeted with an exciting new draft format with numerous exciting strategies, whether you feel like controlling the game, beating down your opponent, or everything in-between. Be sure to check out the MTG Insight series for some predictions on Iconic Masters draft strategy. Naturally though, any discussion of a “Masters” series must inevitably handle the topic on many Magic players’ minds--- reprints, expected card value, and the overall effect on relevant formats.

Reprints, Shifting Rarities, and Fresh Art

Iconic Masters focuses, like its predecessors, on reprinting some of the most sought-after cards in Magic. Unlike previous Master’s sets, however, Iconic Masters does not focus on a titular format and instead provides a wide range of reprints across modern and all the eternal formats. Legacy players will be getting the most help with a brand new Aether Vial, the first major reprint of Bloodghast, and a new Flusterstorm, which will hopefully help combat the card’s high price. Finally, Legacy players will receive expected staple reprints like Thoughtseize.

Modern players will be happy to see helpful reprints like Cryptic Command and Primeval Titan in this new set. Commander players will also enjoy many of these cards, including a complete reprint of the Praetor cycle and much loved staples like Consecrated Sphinx. Even Vintage players have reprints to like here, with a shocking reprint of Mana Drain--- a card that, incidentally, has not had a major reprint since it debuted in Legends. The MTG Insight articles have a significantly more detailed analysis of these reprints and how they will affect the value of cards in the Magic marketplace for any player who might be interested.

On the subject of draining mana, Iconic Masters features a re-imagining of some of Magic’s most iconic cards--- Mana Drain included--- giving players new artwork for the Spirit Dragon cycle, as well as for Ancestral Vision, Oblivion Stone, Serra Ascendant, and many others. In addition to new art, many of this expansion’s cards will be receiving brand new flavor text for the lore junkies out there to sink their teeth into.

Lastly, following the trends of recent “Masters” sets, Wizards has chosen to adjust the rarity on numerous cards, shifting cards like Abyssal Persecutor, Blood Baron of Vizkopa, and Lotus Cobra from mythic rare to rare.

Buying, Selling, and Availability

Launched on 17 November 2017, Iconic Masters is available for purchase exclusively in 24-pack booster boxes, booster box cases, and individual booster packs. As with most “Masters” sets, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of the booster pack is higher than normal sets at $9.99 (est. 8,50€).