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Ikoria Releases the… Behemoths!

In April 2020, Magic: The Gathering will be visiting Ikoria, a plane we've never even heard of before. According to head designer Mark Rosewater, "It's Monster World and [we]'re going to get a chance to play with and build [our] own monsters, using the most ambitious mechanic [Wizards]'ve made in years." Rosewater later clarified that he was talking about a brand new ability, so there isn't much to go on here. Though building big behemoths definitely sounds appealing, if that's your thing. If it isn't, you better prepare to be crushed underfoot!

The name Ikoria sounds like it could be related to the planeswalker Kiora, but make no mistake! Kiora actually is a Zendikar native. Then again, Kiora has previously exhibited a fondness for behemoths herself, so some connection seems possible, or even likely.

If you're looking forward to get big news regarding big creatures, check back in March 2020 for the big picture!