Set Information

Back to Innistrad – Part 2! With the release of Innistrad: Crimson Vow in November 19, the world of Gothic horror becomes the second most visited plane in premier sets, with a grand total of seven expansions dedicated to it since the original namesake Innistrad of 2011. Aside from the classic Dominaria setting of Magic’s earlier era, only Ravnica has had a higher rate of returns. None of which have been less than thrilling, and never repetitive, ranging from monster warfare to cosmic terrors.

Conceived as the second half of the double feature started with Midnight Hunt in September 24, Crimson Vow will shift the focus from Werewolves to Vampires. The two sets are stand-alone regular-sized Standard-legal products, but will also combine in Innistrad Double Feature, a draftable compilation set that’s going to be released at the beginnings of 2022 and will contain select cards from both sets. For the occasion, they will include a special black and white showcase treatment inspired by classical monster movies.

Midnight Hunt and Crimson Vow function as a double fall set, initiating a new Standard rotation (a winter set and a spring set will be released in the usual slots, but there won’t be a premier set in the summer in 2022, thus maintaining the normal amount of sets in the cycle). The bond between the two Innistrad expansions is reflected in the storyline, with Crimson Vow continuing to depict humanity newly turning to rituals and pagan festivals to fight the monsters, a homage to folk horror films like The Wicker Man and Midsommar. On their part, the Vampires are celebrating the biggest wedding of their history, as Olivia Voldaren will try to unite the two largest Vampire bloodlines by marrying a Markov. Will she succeed in taking control of Innistrad through calculated marriage? Will the Werewolves show up again? And what about Zombies and Geists?