Set Information

Nosferatu Nostalgia in Black and White

Innistrad: Double Feature released around the world on January 28th, 2022. And this set is definitely a nod to anyone feeling nostalgia for times past in more than one way. Most obviously when seeing the packaging and the cards in the 15-cards boosters, there's the black and white treatment of the artwork.

Cheap Tricks or Delicious Treats

Hecklers might sneer that Wizards of the Coast have just been working their way through the various Photoshop filters hunting for fast and easy ways to introduce new visual styles at least since the introduction of the stained glass planeswalkers around the time of War of the Spark.

But true old-schoolers will take one look at Innistrad dressed up for a late-night horror matinee and their cries of "shut up and take my money" will surely deafen out any such cynicism.

Putting Your Head on the Block

It's not just the visuals either. Innistrad: Double Feature brings forth memories of things past. For lovers of limited formats such as the traditional booster draft, there's the experience of drafting cards from consecutive expansions on the same plane altogether. Of course, this is not quite a return to block draft but, for now, it is the closest official product reminiscent of that way of playing Magic.

When it comes to the long-term value of sealed booster packs and boxes of this product various factors have to be considered. Print run has a major influence on how the price will develop. And so does the actual draft experience – and how eager players will be to relieve this draft in the future. Then there's the power level of the cards themselves and how many end up as staples in eternal formats.

But looming above all this like is the question of how the Commander community takes to the black and white cards. Nothing will do more to drive prices up than hungry hordes of Commander players craving their Dreamroot Cascade or Foreboding Statue in glorious black and white.

Loaded with Silver Bullets

The contents of the 15-card booster packs of Innistrad: Double Feature are nearly evenly divided between Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and Innistrad: Crimson Vow with four commons and four uncommons from each set.

On top of that, there will be a rare or mythic from each of the two sets and a silver screen foil card which could be from either. The silver screen foil treatment is an all-new type of card bling. These cards are foils printed with a silver substrate and they have the same varnished finish as the eternal night showcase cards.

Magic might have so many unique to offer these days when it comes to art styles and types of releases it can be hard to spot what will age well. But one day you might very look back at Innistrad: Double Feature through sepia-tinted glasses and think to yourself: "If only I had bought one more box…"