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A Brave New Draft

Jumpstart is the name of Magic: The Gathering's revolutionary new supplemental product. It is sold in boosters meant to be drafted, if in a completely novel way, whose only prototype in Magic is the silver-bordered set Unsanctioned. In that Un-set, you would take two of the five standalone preconstructed half-decks and smash them together to create your playing deck. Jumpstart takes this concept to its extremes by creating 121 unique 20-card boosters, each only containing cards linked by a common theme, plus the appropriate basic lands to cast them. There are 46 different themes, ranging from Cats to Dinosaurs and from Discard to Lightning. Most themes have up to four booster variations, but for some of them, like Unicorn and Rainbow, only one exists. You pick two boosters, shuffle them together, and that becomes your 40-card deck. Quick, simple, and never twice the same.

Thematic Mayhem in Jumpstart

Each booster is composed of at least one rare or mythic (one in three packs includes an additional rare) and usually about eight basic lands, wherein one of which will have special art matching the theme. Boosters have themselves a rarity, with the strongest lists showing up at less common rarities. Players won't know what a booster will contain until they open it, but the 121 possible variations of the 46 themes are fixed and public. Here are some examples of the rares that act as "flag-bearers" for the themes.

Something Borrowed, Something New

The cards that appear on Jumpstart encompass the whole history of Magic: The Gathering with 417 reprints from older sets, while 120 are Core Set 2021 cards that maintain the M21 logo. A few are completely new, though. Some of these 37 new debuts that especially stand out are legendary Unicorn blinker Emiel the Blessed; Pirate lord Corsair Captain; discard feeder Tinybones, Trinket Thief; Elf-ramp payoff Allosaurus Shepherd; and new counter-doubling enchantment Branching Evolution.

Comments (7)

Fleischbaellchen(02.02.2021 13:24)

So many cards see eternalplay and this set came late and is too expensive. Relevant cards should be reprinted as soon as possible in a set for Eternal Format.

joven(10.10.2020 06:29)(Edited: 10.10.2020 06:30)

The boosters are really not for normal drafting. The boosters are half-decks, use 2 to have a deck. What you can do though is opening a number of boosters and then let the players pick from the opened half-decks.

MCM should really add the different half-decks sealed in the transparent plastic as products to be sold and bought.

joven(20.08.2020 16:30)

Delivery is heavily delayed in Europe allegedly due to COVID-19 crisis.
But remember, this set is said to have unlimited print run (of course limited to its lifetime which can be expected to be around 6-12 months).

Mollib(19.08.2020 21:51)

But there already is product being sold. Why can't the seller that have it start shipping it?

RichardD(25.07.2020 20:29)

Why has the release date of this set been adjusted to August??
Now the seller can't send me my order because MCM has a later release date than the rest of the world.

joven(18.07.2020 23:08)

It's a shame that the packs only contain 1 basic land with the theme artwork. Shame!

joven(22.02.2020 03:10)

So, Welcome Decks cost money from now on!
The basic idea of shuffling two themed half-decks together is good, but the execution of this product seems bad (new cards, rare themes, theme variations, random extra rares, ...).