Set Information

Magic Game Night Brings Five Monocolor Decks to Your Kitchen Table

Magic Game Night, releasing on 16 November 2018, is Magic: The Gathering's latest product meant to serve as an introduction for newer players. Bringing new players into Magic can be a daunting task, especially when competitive decks can be expensive and even casual decks often have too high a price for people who are unsure if they even like the trading card game. Magic Game Night is meant as a solution, giving you five monocolor decks designed to play against each other. This allows up to five players to enjoy Magic all at once. The product also comes with spindown life counters, life counter platforms, +1/+1 counters to make sure the board state is clear, and five reference cards so newer players always know what's going on. Each set has a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of 39,99 €, making it accessible for those looking to have a game night with friends.

New Cards in Each Deck

While the point of this product isn't to provide new Standard-viable cards (in fact, the new and older cards included here are NOT Standard-legal), the product does include one new card in each deck. White gets Militant Angel, which creates a bunch of knights. Blue gets Inspired Sphinx, which draws cards equal to the number of opponents you have, while also making thopters with large mana pools. Rot Hulk is Black's creature, returning a bunch of zombies from the graveyard to the battlefield, perfect for any zombie tribal player. Red gets a big 5/4 goblin in Goblin Goliath, which also provides a bunch of goblin tokens. Finally, Avatar of Growth is Green's 4/4 trampler that ramps everyone on the field if group hug decks are more your game.

A 5-Color Dive into the Decks

A product built around play and not value is only going to appeal to players if the decks are fun and interesting. This makes the content and play of the decks important when deciding whether to purchase the set or not.

The white deck is focused on cheap, effective creatures and tokens. Cards like Mentor of the Meek and Militia Bugler will ensure you can put creatures down without losing too many hand cards, while Benalish Marshal and Always Watching will make your team strong enough to punch through your opponents.

The blue deck is more artifact-focused with Sai, Master Thopterist and Zahid, Djinn of the Lamp offering powerful payoff cards for your various artifacts.

The black deck is, of course, a zombie deck. Classics like Death Baron and Gravedigger join powerful new anthem effects like Liliana's Mastery to make your zombies extra potent.

The red deck contains a mixture of goblins and dragons with a heavier goblin tribal theme. Siege-Gang Commander, Goblin Trashmaster, and Goblin Instigator are all-powerful goblins that will help this deck get ahead, along with three Shocks and a couple Bombards to finish your opponents off.

Green decks are very Timmy in nature, focusing on big things and helping cheat the big things out. Three Llanowar Elves will help resolve game-ending threats like Ghalta, Primal Hunger much easier, along with big creatures like Pelakka Wurm and Colossal Dreadmaw.

Overall, if you're looking to get your friends into Magic, Wizards of the Coast hopes that organizing a night around these decks, will be just the way to do it. So get out there, invite your friends over, and organize your own FNM.